The Division 2’s first raid is sort of right here. After a multi-week delay, Operation Dark Hour will land on dwell servers May 16. Players don’t know what to anticipate from a Division raid, nevertheless it’s the exercise followers have been making ready for for months.

The new raid update additionally impacts the remainder of The Division 2. There is a brand new vendor for crafters, new commendations to earn, and a bunch of steadiness adjustments. For Year 1 Pass holders, the primary wave of Classified Missions additionally go dwell on this patch.

Here’s a breakdown of what that you must know earlier than logging onto The Division 2’s Title 3 Update as we speak. The full listing of patch notes are on the backside of this publish.

Operation Dark Hours

Operation Dark Hours is the primary ever raid for The Division 2. It’s essentially the most anticipated new function for the franchise. After a prolonged delay, the raid is lastly prepared for gamers to tackle.

The raid takes place in Washington D.C.’s airport, and affords unique loot to gamers who take it down. The first workforce that finishes the raid can have a in-game screenshot of their squad hung within the White House HQ for all gamers to see.

Operation Dark Hours hits dwell servers on Thursday, May 16.

Classified Assignments

Division 2’s Year 1 Pass house owners will unlock their first two unique missions on this patch. Both Classified Assignments inform the story of how D.C. fell to the Black Tusk. Players who full the missions can earn Backpack Trophies to put on around the globe.

More Classified Missions will change into obtainable in future updates.

Crafting enhancements

Player’s backpacks are getting fairly full of supplies, so Massive has expanded Receiver Component and Protective Fabric capability considerably. Inaya al-Khaliq additionally acts as a crafting vendor now, and stands by the crafting bench.

Players can purchase Specialized and Superior talent mod blueprints from her, in addition to full a weekly bounty. All Exotic merchandise upgrades will acquire the utmost Power attainable — relying on the extent of the crafting bench .

Loot updates

The Division 2’s loot containers now reset at a particular time day-after-day, as an alternative of 24 hours after opening. Massive additionally improved the loot from Drone Helicopters whereas lowering the loot high quality from Clan Caches. Key cupboards now maintain Dark Zone keys as effectively.

Some of the largest loot adjustments come as consistency updates. Certain missions and enemies received’t drop loot beneath the participant’s max stage anymore. Loot additionally has a greater probability of dropping larger than the participant in the event that they’re nonetheless attempting to succeed in 500 Power Level.

Full Patch notes for Title Update 3

New Feature: Operation Dark Hours

Operation Dark Hours is our first 8-player raid coming to Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Teamwork, collaboration, and adaptation might be essential to defeat the Black Tusk. More data and precise opening instances might be revealed quickly.

New Feature: Classified Assignments: The Fall of DC

Classified Assignments are unique missions for house owners of the Year 1 Pass. Discover and full these missions to listen to tales behind the autumn of DC in addition to unlocking unique Backpack Trophies. Title Update Three consists of the primary two Classified Assignments.

New Apparel Event: Dark Hours

Starting along with the raid launch, our second Apparel occasion will introduce new outfits, masks, emotes and weapon skins!


  • Added Operation Dark Hours Achievement / Trophy.


  • Added new Commendations for Operation Dark Hours.
  • Removed the next Commendations.
  • 28 Days Distinction – Record 672 hours (28 days) of time in-game.
  • Distinguished Service Ribbon – For 30 consecutive days, on every day play for at the least 1h and full 1 mission.
  • Supreme Response Distinction – For 7 consecutive days, on every day full four major missions and rescue 5 civilians.
  • Year One Merit – Play on 14 days per thirty days, on a complete of 12 months.
  • Division Service Merit – For a complete of 100 days, on every day play for at the least 1hour and ship 20 sources to regulate factors.
  • Developer remark: We eliminated these Commendations as we felt that they weren’t delivering a terrific expertise for gamers. Often instances you may miss out in your day by day login or lose your streak with no error of your personal. We’re including completely different Commendations that also allow you to exhibit your dedication in the direction of the sport, with out the login necessities. For these gamers which have already earned the above-mentioned Commendations they’ll stay seen as accomplished.
  • Added a brand new vainness patch reward for all gamers as compensation for any misplaced time because of the above adjustments.
  • Added 5 new Commendations
  • Full Deck Distinction – Acquire all Snitch Cards.
  • Distinguished Service Distinction – Complete 30 hours of service.
  • Supreme Response Distinction – Complete all major missions and Strongholds on Hard issue (or above).
  • Control Point Takeover Merit – Take over 50 Heroic Control Points.
  • Invasion Service Merit – Complete 10 Invaded Strongholds.
  • Changed Peacock Award to particularly use the ‘Jumping Jacks’ emote.
  • Changed Mission Discovery Merit Commendations to trace when a participant collects loot from loot containers, not opening the loot containers. This will make sure that all gamers which are in a gaggle can earn this Commendation when taking part in the respective missions.


  • Increased the bottom cap for Receiver Components and Protective Fabric crafting supplies by 200, which means that their caps now begin at 350 and finish at 600 with all materials capability perks.
  • Inaya al-Khaliq within the Base of Operation is now a Crafting Vendor, she will be discovered subsequent to the Crafting Bench within the White House.
  • Added Specialized and Superior Skill Mod Blueprints to her inventory.
  • Added an additional weekly Blueprint to her inventory.
  • Moved crafting Blueprints from the Base of Operations vendor to her inventory.
  • Note: While Inaya can have a wide range of Blueprints obtainable, there are nonetheless different sources within the recreation like Settlements and Control Points.
  • All unique gadgets upgraded via crafting will get the utmost Gear Score of the present crafting bench tier.


  • Bonus Armor granted on blue attributes gear considerably elevated.
  • Armor % can now be discovered as Defense Attribute rolls.
  • Health % can now be discovered as Defense Attribute rolls.
  • Gear units
  • Hard Wired
  • Now grants Skill Damage as an alternative of Shock Duration.
  • Ongoing Directive
  • Now grants particular ammunition into any weapon, together with the weapon at the moment geared up.
  • Now grants particular ammunition on any kill, not simply weapon kills.
  • True Patriot
  • Decreased debuff cycle from four seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Increased injury dealt to close by targets when Full Flag is lively to 50%.


  • The Confidential Gear Set intel merchandise now has a challenge icon to raised replicate its use.


  • Loot containers will now reset at a preset time of day.
  • Control Point reward container will now additionally reset with this day by day timer.
  • Improved high quality and amount of Drone Helicopter loot.
  • Slightly diminished the standard of things from Clan Caches.
  • Cabinet loot containers now have an opportunity to include Dark Zone keys.
  • Increased ammunition drop probability from enemy NPCs to restrict conditions the place gamers would run out of ammunition throughout extended fights on larger issue actions.
  • Dark Zone contaminated loot doesn’t drop under participant’s common Gear Score and can assure Gear Score 500 when the participant has reached 500 Gear Score.
  • Heroic issue Mission bosses, Stronghold bosses, Bounty bosses and Heroic Control Points reward containers will assure Gear Score 500 when the participant has reached 500 Gear Score.
  • Loot now skews extra in the direction of the highest finish of its allowed Gear Score, leading to fewer gadgets under a participant’s common Gear Score, and gadgets that do drop under it will likely be nearer to that common extra usually.
  • Increased the rewards for day by day Hard and Challenge mission Projects and they’re going to assure Gear Score 500 when the participant has reached 500 Gear Score.


  • New function: Post Mission Activity Summary
  • After finishing missions, gamers might choose to take a look at an exercise abstract showcasing their efficiency in that exercise and permitting an expanded have a look at a wide range of detailed statistics.
  • Bank Headquarters
  • Reduced issue for solo gamers.
  • Roosevelt Island
  • Reduced issue for solo gamers.


  • Hive customers can now discover +therapeutic on the Experimental Blend mods.
  • Hive customers can now discover +radius on the Network Firewall mods.
  • New mods: Auxiliary Skill Battery
  • Auxiliary Skill Batteries slot in Skill mod slots and grant Skill Power.


  • Updated RC Blade to repair varied points.
  • Elite Medic’s Pulse Grenade has been modified.
  • No longer applies disrupt.
  • Reduced Impact radius.
  • The grenade influence radius ought to now be simpler to see.
  • Decreased injury of Veteran, Elite and Named NPCs.
  • Greatly decreased melee injury of all Tank NPCs.
  • Moderately decreased melee injury of all non-Tank NPCs.
  • Decreased Thrower NPC’s accuracy with grenades. They are not skilled baseball pitchers or cricket fielders.
  • Slightly decreased injury of Elite/Named War Hound.
  • Civilian Control Point Officers now put on pants.
  • Civilian Control Point Officers now put on protecting physique armor. Safety first.
  • Civilians with totally upgraded Settlements now put on fight harnesses and have barely extra well being.
  • Upgrading a Settlement now barely elevated Civilians’ injury.
  • NPCs will now be barely much less defensive whereas in cowl and being aimed toward by a participant.
  • Decreased probability of NPCs utilizing ladders in fight.
  • Decreased probability of NPCs utilizing particular navigation out of fight.
  • Civilian NPCs will now keep additional away from gamers in cowl, lessening the possibility of them taking a participant’s most well-liked cowl location. We get it, you’re very protecting of your favourite cowl spot.
  • Civilian Hostages are actually extra protecting of their lives.
  • Fixed concern with many explosives inflicting excessive quantities of risk, complicated NPCs.
  • Fixed varied sliding points with NPCs following restoration from a Status Effect.
  • Enemy NPCs ought to not be capable of stagger gamers with a melee assault if the participant has a Ballistic Shield geared up.
  • Drone Helicopter
  • Increased well being.
  • Increased injury.
  • Improved motion.
  • Decreased Outcast Suicide vest explosion radius.
  • Lowered NPC injury and well being above regular issue.
  • Increased number of NPCs at larger issue ranges.


  • Implemented varied UI and audio enhancements to Living World actions.
  • Control Points
  • Control Point issue is now extra clearly communicated, utilizing common issue names along with Alert Level.
  • Approaching enemy patrols and convoys are actually signaled extra clearly throughout Control Point Takeover.
  • The Civilian Officer will now revive downed gamers throughout Control Point takeover and choose you silently.
  • Players can now choose the civilian takeover icon on the map as a respawn choice throughout Control Point takeover. The choice is disabled after the enemy chief joins the struggle.
  • Players can now quick journey to civilian convoys and takeover squads from the map.
  • Black Tusk now ship War Hound Convoys carrying gear and weapons to Tidal Basin when the mission is accessible.


  • Recalibration has been modified to permit for almost all of stats to be moved as they’re, from one merchandise to a different, whereas making it much less more likely to attain the cap of the stat moved. To obtain this aim, we’re expressing the recalibrated energy as a separate quantity known as Recalibration Score, subsequent to the Gear Score. As such, recalibration will not enhance the gear rating of the merchandise. All current recalibrated gadgets can have their recalibrated further gear rating transformed to the brand new format.
  • Adjusted price and talent to be recalibrated for


Knee Cap



  • XP from Bounties has been elevated.
  • All Settlement Weekly Projects now award blueprints.
  • New day by day Project: SHD Requisition.
  • Requires crafting components and rewards prime quality gear and blueprints.
  • Increased the standard of Weekly Project tools rewards.


  • Assault Drone

PvE: The Drone will now extra actively search for a brand new goal as soon as it loses its present goal.

  • Defender Drone

Will now drain extra shortly as soon as a shot has been deflected.

  • Reinforcer Chem Launcher

Reinforcer fuel clouds don’t stack anymore.

  • Reviver Hive

Fixed additional occurrences of gamers not being revived.

  • Revive time barely elevated.
  • Riot Foam Chem Launcher

Increased base length of Riot Foam when used in opposition to a NPC.

  • Scanner Pulse

Reduced cooldown from 120 seconds to 90 seconds.


  • Gear Talents
  • Berserk

Increased required max armor depleted from 10% to 20%.

Now requires 7 Offense Attributes.

  • Blacksmith

Increased Armor restore from 25% to 50%.

Can now happen each 15 seconds, was 10 seconds.

Now requires 7 Defense Attributes.

  • Bloodlust


Increased granted Weapon Damage from 25% to 35%.

Decreased length from 10 seconds to five seconds.


Decreased granted Weapon Damage from 25% to 20%.

Decreased length from 10 seconds to five seconds.

Now requires 9 Offense Attributes.

  • Bloodsucker


Depleting an enemy’s armor provides a stack of +25% bonus armor for 10s. Max stack is 6. (was 20%, 20s, 5)


Depleting an enemy’s armor provides a stack of 20% bonus armor for 5s. Max stack is 5.

Now requires 11 Offense Attributes and an Assault Rifle, SMG or LMG geared up.

  • Critical

Reduced Critical Hit Damage bonus from 8% to five%.

  • Clutch

Increased Health gained per Critical Hit from 15% to 20%.

Reduced Armor gained per Critical Hit from 2% to 1%.

Now requires four or much less Defense Attributes.

  • Entrench

Increased Armor restore for Headshots from cowl from 5% to 10%

  • Hard Hitting

Reduced Damage to Elites from 15% to 10%.

  • Knee Cap

Increased probability to use bleed when Shooting an Enemy within the legs from 10% to 15%.

  • Patience

After being in cowl for 5s, armor repairs by 5% each 1s. (was 3s).

Now requires 6 Defense Attributes

  • Safeguard

Reduced Duration from 20 to five seconds.

Can solely happen as soon as each 20 seconds.

This was already the case however is now mirrored within the tooltip.

Now requires four or much less Offense Attributes.

  • Spotter

Increased Weapon Damage to Pulsed enemies from 10% to 20%.

Now requires 5 Utility Attributes.

  • Surgical

Reduced Critical Hit Chance bonus from 8% to five%.

  • Unbreakable


Increased quantity of Max Armor repaired when armor is depleted from 25% to 70%.

Increased timeframe for Armor Kits not being consumed when impact triggers from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.


Increased Max Armor repaired when armor is depleted from 15% to 25%.

Increased timeframe for Armor Kits not being consumed when impact triggers from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

Now requires 11 Defense Attributes and no different Talents affecting Armor Kits.

  • Unstoppable Force


Killing an enemy now grants 2% Weapon Damage for each 25.000 Max armor.


Killing an enemy now grants 1% Weapon Damage for each 25.000 Max armor.

Now requires 7 or extra Defense Attributes.

Developer remark: Due to the rise in obtainable armor on gear made we determined to additionally enhance the Max armor necessities for Unstoppable Force.


  • Frenzy


For each 10 bullets in {a magazine} capability, acquire +2% price of fireside and +2% weapon injury for 5s when reloading from empty.


For each 10 bullets in {a magazine} capability, acquire +1.5% price of fireside and +1.5% weapon injury for 5s when reloading from empty.

  • Killer

Now grants 30% vital injury for 5s as an alternative of 50% vital hit probability.

Developer remark: We suppose vital injury feels extra acceptable as you already want a comparatively excessive vital hit probability to activate the expertise commonly.

  • Measured

Now grants 20% price of fireside and -15% weapon injury within the high half of the journal.

Now grants -20% price of fireside and +30% weapon injury within the backside half of the journal

Developer remark: Measured ought to now be a internet injury bonus and the elevated price of fireside ought to higher assist different skills and results activating.

  • Preservation


Killing an enemy repairs 10% armor over 5s. Headshots improves the restore to 20%. (was 5%, 3s, 10%)


Killing an enemy repairs 5% armor over 3s. Headshots improves the restore to 15%.

Now requires 7 Defense Attributes.

  • Reformation

Increased Headshot kill talent restore and therapeutic to 50% from 25%.

Reduced length from 25 seconds to 20 seconds.

Now requires 9 Utility Attributes.

  • Spike

Increased talent injury from 25% to 35%.

Increased length from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.

Now requires 5 Utility Attributes.

  • Strained

Increased lacking Armor requirement from 5% to 10%.

  • Unhinged

Reduced Damage Bonus from 25% to 20%.

Reduced Handling destructive from 35% to 25%.


  • Vendors will now confirm the gamers’ highest achieved World Tier and supply gadgets of that Gear Score, as an alternative of providing gadgets of the very best World Tier obtainable within the group.


  • New function: Exotic Mod Bonuses
  • All unique mod slots now have distinctive bonuses.
  • Now has a pores and skin slot from Specialized high quality and up.
  • Nemesis
  • Mod slots
  • Optic: +35% Headshot Damage
  • Magazine: +10% Reload Speed
  • Muzzle: +15% Critical Hit Damage
  • Rail: +15% Damage to Elites
  • Chatterbox
  • Damage elevated.
  • Mod slots
  • Optic: +5% Critical Hit Chance
  • Magazine: +10% Reload Speed
  • Muzzle: +10% Critical Hit Chance
  • Rail: +15% Handling
  • Sweet Dreams / Lullaby
  • Damage elevated.
  • Mod slots
  • Optic: +15% Accuracy
  • Magazine: +15% Reload Speed
  • Rail: +25% Optimal Range
  • Merciless / Ruthless
  • Damage elevated.
  • Mod slots
  • Optics: +10% Accuracy
  • Magazine: +15% Reload Speed
  • Muzzle: +20% Stability
  • Rail: +20% Handling
  • Pestilence
  • Damage elevated.
  • Mod slots
  • Magazine: +10% Rate of Fire
  • Muzzle: +20% Stability
  • Rail: +15% Handling
  • Liberty
  • Damage elevated.
  • Mod slots:
  • Optic: +10% Critical Hit Chance
  • Magazine: + 15% Damage to Elite
  • Muzzle: + 15% Stability
  • Rail: + 15% Rate of Fire
  • TAC-50
  • Now has 2 zoom states.


  • Armor increase
  • Boost offered diminished by 50%.
  • Armor worth on nameplates
  • Improved visuals to raised replicate how a lot armor an enemy has.
  • Balance
  • All gamers are actually scaled to Max World Tier Gear Score.
  • Primary stats are set to high-end values.
  • Normalized expertise overrides are utilized.
  • Budget distribution of un-normalized gadgets is preserved.
  • No further bonus is utilized.
  • Unlocked mods and abilities from un-normalized builds are lively.
  • Items above Gear Score 500 might be scaled to 500.
  • No bonus stats might be utilized to those gadgets.
  • Recalibration bonuses are usually not utilized.
  • PvP particular overrides
  • Weapon and Skill world injury modifiers.
  • Targeted weapon and talent injury modifiers.
  • Assault Rifles now have a 1.25 PvP injury scaler utilized.
  • Skill habits overrides.
  • Damage increase
  • Boost offered diminished by 50%.
  • The Conflict NPC was moved to a extra distinguished spot, subsequent to the helipad outdoors the Base of Operations.
  • Respawn
  • Respawning gamers are actually more likely to respawn with their teammates.
  • Skills
  • Skill cooldowns not reset when a participant is killed.


  • Damage modifier diminished to extend time to kill.
  • Skill modifier elevated to let Skills have extra influence in PvP.


  • Contaminated loot
  • Bosses now assure a contaminated loot drop.
  • Higher problem landmarks can drop a number of contaminated gadgets.
  • Basic, Veteran and Elite NPCs have their drop price lowered, however now have a really excessive probability to drop contaminated loot.
  • DZ bag measurement
  • Default bag measurement elevated to six.
  • Tier 1 perk Bag Space now will increase bag measurement to eight.
  • Tier four perk Bounceback now reduces Dark Zone XP misplaced on loss of life.
  • Tier 10 perk will increase bag measurement to 10.
  • DZ Brackets
  • Reduced bracketing to:
  • Level 1 – 30.
  • Players in World Tiers.
  • NPC AI
  • Reduced injury output.
  • Increased Time to Kill.
  • Landmarks
  • Added a brief cooldown to landmarks.
  • Rogue
  • Removed cooldown.
  • There remains to be a 5 second toggle cooldown.
  • Thieves Den
  • Now permits gamers to modify weapons.
  • Occupied Dark Zone
  • Damage modifiers
  • Added a separate PvP injury modifier.
  • XP
  • Reduced DZXP loss to 35% of the XP in your present Dark Zone rank when being killed


  • Text Chat enhancements
  • Players can toggle displaying private and group loot drops.
  • Text chat will now lose focus after sending a message.
  • Group tab might be populated with all raid members when queueing for a raid.
  • Improved suggestions when trying invalid actions in textual content chat.


  • Added a Neutral Lighting setting to all platforms.
  • Added a Enable Signature Weapon Swap impact toggle choice beneath the Gameplay menu.


  • Settings
  • Added “Anti-aliasing” graphics setting with new Ultra different for sharper picture when in movement.


  • Character sheet
  • Will now correctly replace and show Accuracy, Stability, Recoil, Weapon Swap and Reload Speed from +Weapon Handling bonuses.
  • Social menu
  • When downed, brokers now have the chance to open the Social menu through hotkey.
  • Players will now be capable of matchmake throughout Heroic issue missions.
  • Players are actually proof against Vote Kicks throughout boss encounters and for a short while after the tip of boss encounters and missions. Going AFK removes this immunity.


  • Fixed a difficulty the place NPCs within the Bounty display screen had damaged animations. Put your fingers down, please.
  • Fixed a difficulty that would forestall gamers from finishing the Side Mission Medical Camp Attack.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place armor values on AI within the Dark Zone scaled incorrectly.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Sniper Turret would intention at targets out of line of sight in PvP.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Scanner Pulse and Remote Pulse weren’t correctly affected by Skill Duration.
  • Fixed varied points the place Skill bonuses weren’t utilized correctly.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place bounties rewarded from Projects in Settlements had been rewarding the unsuitable quantity of XP and Credits.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Clan Cashes would scale incorrectly when opened in one other participant’s decrease stage session.
  • Fixed a bug the place NPCs from a Resource Convoy might spawn out of skinny air on high of the participant.
  • Fixed a bug the place the Control Point provide room would stay locked when capturing a Control Point too shortly.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with matchmaking that prevented appropriate matching of gamers based mostly on their area, language, gear rating and different standards.
  • Fixed a difficulty with ‘A Friend in Need’ Achievement/Trophy which might trigger it to not unlock in sure situations.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place a participant can be unable to finish the ‘Big Game Hunter’ Achievement/Trophy.
  • Fixed a difficulty on the Ubisoft Club Weekly Challenges display screen on PC that resulted in a low body price when on that display screen.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting Korean language glyph compositions not displaying correctly within the in-game chat.