League of Legends’ newest new champion is perhaps some of the lovely characters within the recreation, however she’s not proving significantly efficient. Yuumi arrived at present with the arrival of patch 9.10, however hasn’t confirmed to be significantly efficient.

In reality, I ought to in all probability regulate your expectations downwards from there. Earlier at present, League of Legends monitoring software Lolalytics said that throughout greater than 13,000 ranked video games in Platinum and above, Yuumi had a winrate of 29.71%. That’s since risen to a bit over 30%, however nonetheless implies that the Magical Cat is rocking the bottom winrate for a brand new or reworked champion on the day of their launch in practically seven years.

For the report, essentially the most profitable champions within the recreation proper now are working at a winrate of about 55%. The subsequent lowest-performing champions (both Ryze or Akali, relying on who you ask) have winrates of about 43%, which far outstrips what Yuumi’s managed to attain. The splendid, in fact, is a roughly 50/50 win to loss ratio.

While Yuumi seems to be struggling, she’s not having fairly as dangerous a time as one other champion had on their launch. When Syndra arrived in September 2012, her winrate dropped as little as 27%.

Given Yuumi’s success charge is that this low, it’s fairly probably that Riot will look to roll out some fixes within the not too-distant future. Whether they’ll present up throughout patch 9.10 stays to be seen, however the recreation’s builders have been stung earlier than – each Bard and Ivern suffered at launch, however then a sequence of buffs and elevated participant capacity made them stronger than initially supposed. While Yuumi’s struggling now, overdoing it with the hotfixes may create extra issues down the highway.

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If you’re out there for some suggestions, I have to confess that I’m but to strive Yuumi for myself, however I’m seeing options that leaning into the champion’s untargetable nature isn’t the way in which to succeed. You’ll need to be zipping forwards and backwards between allies, whereas ensuring to remain out of bother as a lot as potential. It would appear, nonetheless, that taking Flash isn’t price your bother – as a substitute, get your ADC to speak TP, and substitute it with barrier.