Digital Foundry – Switch overclocking: How powerful is a fully unlocked Tegra X1?

The dedicated staff at Digital Foundry have produced one other informative video this time what an overclocked Nintendo Switch can do. As we already know, Nintendo has been tinkering with overclocking to allow some sport to carry out barely higher on the system. Reset Era member Becks’ has written an excellent abstract for these of you who’re unable to look at the video and we’ve included that together with the Digital Foundry video down beneath.

  • Low efficiency in Switch video games is usually associated to reminiscence bandwidth or CPU clocks in docked mode
  • Rich makes use of a homebrewed Switch to push the max CPU clock (1785 MHz) and max GPU clock (921 MHz)
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 in consumer made ranges sees a rise from 7-11FPS with base clocks to 10-15 FPS with max CPU clock, GPU clock doesn’t make a distinction
  • Breath of the Wild’s Korok Forest part is a bit higher with max CPU clock and GPU clock however it nonetheless drops body fee, most likely resulting from reminiscence bandwidth
  • DOOM 3’s efficiency is totally mounted and locked to 60 FPS with max CPU clock
  • Mortal Kombat 11’s efficiency in some phases have CPU limitations and as soon as these are overcome, GPU turns into the problem, with totally max CPU and GPU, sport is locked to 60FPS with minor drops
  • Wolfenstein Youngblood’s body pacing and low body fee points are mounted with max CPU clock, the decision turns into higher if you happen to embody the max GPU clock
  • DOOM 2016’s body pacing points nonetheless exist with max CPU and GPU clock however they’re much less intense
  • Saints Row the Third’s body fee is precisely the identical between all Three configurations, reminiscence bandwidth is the problem, switching to cellular profile (decreasing the decision) in docked mode fixes the problem
  • Power attract Switch will increase from 15-16W to 19-20W when overclocked
  • Temperatures peak at 60C in inventory clocks, 64C with max CPU clock solely and 67C with max CPU and GPU clocks
  • Rich thinks Nintendo is being conservative however for a motive as CPU and GPU overhead is required for extreme situations
  • Developer units can have a max CPU clock of 1220 MHz which may considerably enhance efficiency if used
  • Handheld overclocked efficiency evaluation is coming in a close to future


Thanks to Maxim for the information tip!