The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III already has a preorder incentive that features Juna’s “Lloyd Bannings” Costume and Rean’s Unspeakable Costume, however as we speak NIS America introduced a brand new digital preorder package deal that features 22 further DLC costumes. The commonplace worth for this digital preorder bundle is $79.99, however PlayStation Plus members can preorder it for under $59.99, the identical worth because the common copy of the sport.

PlayStation Plus members additionally get a reduction on preordering the usual bundle (with simply the primary two costumes), as they’re capable of get it for $53.99 as a substitute of $59.99. But for simply one other $6, it appears foolish to not get the entire Premium Cosmetic Bundle shebang, proper?

This Deluxe Preorder accommodates the next costumes and equipment:

  • Thors Main Campus Uniform
  • Altina’s “Kitty Noir” Costume
  • Musse’s “Coquettish Blue” Costume
  • Juna’s “Crossbell Cheer!” Costume
  • Rean’s Traveling Outfit (from Trails of Cold Steel II)
  • Rean’s Casual Clothes
  • Juna’s Casual Clothes
  • Kurt’s Casual Clothes
  • Altina’s Casual Clothes
  • Musse’s Casual Clothes
  • Ash’s Casual Clothes
  • Standard Glasses Set
  • Mask Set
  • Hardcore Set
  • Stylish Sunglasses Set
  • Rare Eyewear
  • Ride-Along Black Rabbit
  • Ride-Along Elie
  • Ride-Along Dana
  • Ride-Along School Renne
  • Ride-Along Ozzie
  • Mascot Headgear Set

You know you need this cute Ride-Along Dana from Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (or possibly that’s simply me).

Trails of Cold Steel 3 Preorder Deal Announced Exclusively for PSPlus

Despite the tag screaming this PS Plus preorder deal is “only for a limited time,” it’s going to run till the sport releases on October 22, 2019.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III is an RPG from Nihon Falcom that takes place practically two years after the occasions of the earlier sport. Protagonist Rean Schwarzer has graduated from Thors Military Academy and is now an teacher on the Thors Branch Campus, main Class VII. Even although the Erebonian civil battle is over, the Ourobouros group continues to be on the market, attempting to entangle the Erebonian Empire in one more battle.

It will launch completely for the PlayStation 4.