Amidst the information flurry of TGS 2019, the official web site for Cotton Reboot obtained a full revamp that reveals Cotton and the forged’s voice actresses, in addition to quite a lot of composers who will make new tracks and prepare present ones for Arrange Mode.


Here are the voice forged members beneath:

Cotton – Nami Miyaki

Silk – Kaede Horikawa

Queen Velvet – Tsubasa Himeno

Narrator – Natsu Aikawa


Here are the Arrange Mode composers beneath:

  • Kimitaka Matsumae (Kill Me Baby)
  • Koichi Namiki (Galaxy Force, Super Hang-On)
  • Shinji Hosoe (Dragon Spirit, Ordyne, Ridge Racer)
  • Hiroyuki Kawada (The Legend of Valkyrie, Youkai Douchuuki)
  • Hisayoshi Ogura Soundscape Production Facility (Arkanoid, Darius sequence)
  • Daisuke Matsumoto (Gothic wa Mahou Shoujo)
  • Tetsuro Sato (Psyvariar, Psyvariar 2)
  • Kenichi Arakawa (Game Tengoku sequence, Suchie-Pai sequence)
  • Kenichi Hirata (Cotton sequence composer)


Cotton Reboot is in growth for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC by way of Steam.