Near the top of Untitled Goose Game, you’ll head to a pub. This one requires some infiltration to begin. But as soon as inside, it’s possible you’ll not know which order to deal with your to do checklist. This information will present you the simplest methods out and in of the pub.

The Pub to do checklist

  • Get into the pub
  • Break the dartboard
  • Make the outdated man fall on his bum
  • Be awarded a flower
  • Get the toy boat
  • Set the desk
  • Drop a bucket on the burly man’s head
  • Steal a pint glass and drop it within the canal

Get into the pub

You can’t stroll into the pub since “the burly man” guards the doorway. To get in, look forward to the supply individual to look away or wait till they’re behind the van. Once they’re distracted, stroll as much as and enter the empty field. They’ll seize the field and stroll you proper in.

Break the dartboard

Before the supply individual walks you all the way in which to the again of the pub, hop out if you see the outdated man close to the dartboard.

To break it, look forward to him to take a shot. He’ll measure up his shot thrice earlier than throwing. When he throws, honk. He’ll get scared, messing up his shot and breaking the dartboard.

Make the outdated man fall on his bum

You’ll must proceed pestering the outdated man for this one. Once he grabs his harmonica, he’ll get able to jam on it whereas sitting on the close by bench. Wait for him to get able to plop down on his seat, after which pull it out from beneath him, knocking him on his rear.

Be awarded a flower

After harassing the person, transfer east to the 2 girls sitting down having a chat. Stand on the small platform close to them. You’ll get their consideration. Honk and unfold your wings. After your riveting efficiency, one of many girls will throw a flower at you.

Get the toy boat

On the northern facet of the eating space hooked up to the pub is a sink with a toy boat on it. Turn it on, and the sink will refill with water, finally making the boat rise to the highest the place you possibly can seize it. This takes a couple of seconds, so you possibly can accomplish the subsequent process whilst you wait.

Set the desk

This is the longest of your merchandise gathering duties.

In the again finish of the pub, the place the supply individual drops off their packing containers, is a picket wheel with a desk fabric on it. This is the desk you have to set.

There’s a plate again there in one of many storage items. Grab that and place it on the “table.” Next you’ll must again to the eating space hooked up to the pub to seize the knife, fork, pepper and the candle (which is on the southern finish of the eating space). While grabbing these, the server could chase you. Duck beneath tables to cover.

Between the white again space gate and the eating space is a small pathway beneath the eating space. Use that to get to the again of the pub. Place these gadgets on the desk and full this process.

Drop a bucket on the burly man’s head

In the again space the place you’ve set the desk is a field of tomatoes. Grab a handful of them and create a path that leads as much as the burly man within the entrance.

You’ll want a number of as you’ll he’ll deposit tomatoes in a number of packing containers. There’s one close to him and one other on the way in which to the again of the pub. Keep inserting them so he lastly makes his solution to the ultimate field all the way in which within the again. Place a tomato exterior that field, too.

As he will get able to put that closing one away, run again to the higher eating space close to the place you bought the toy boat. Above the tomato field is a bucket. Wait for the burly man to place away the tomato, and drop the bucket on him.

After that, he’ll open up the rubbish again there, providing you with a solution to exit the pub.

Steal a pint glass and drop it within the canal

This process requires you to exit the pub, so we’ve saved it for final.

In the principle eating space, seize any pint glass and run out of the principle entrance of the pub, previous the burly man and throughout the road.

You’ll make your approach over to a bridge overlooking the water. Look for a small notch on the sting of the bridge that you would be able to stand on. From there, drop the glass into the canal.

That’s it for all the principle duties within the pub.