Underworld Don joins the battle

Koei Tecmo has dropped its latest character trailer for en masse brawler Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. Taking a pointy flip from the recently revealed Gaia, this new video offers us a take a look at the King of the Underworld himself, Hades.

Not fairly the acerbic, sardonic iteration portrayed by James Woods in Disney’s Hercules, Warriors Orochi’s Hades is extra of a pretty-boy hunk, although he nonetheless instructions darkish and destructivepowers by the usage of an ornate scythe. I am unable to assist however really feel dangerous for the hapless troopers that roll as much as battle in these video games, actually toeing the road towards precise Gods, however I suppose all of us gotta put bread on the desk.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate
launches in Japan on PS4 and Switch December 19. It will head west – including Xbox One and PC ports – on February 14.

Hades is looking kinda fly in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate