World of Warcraft’s subsequent growth, Shadowlands, gives new zones and a compelling story in regards to the nature of dying. It seems that everybody was a bit bit proper in regards to the afterlife, and now the heroes of Azeroth should appropriate a horrible error. You see, everybody who dies, it doesn’t matter what their beliefs or actions in life, is being despatched to Warcraft’s mega hell. Players should meet new Covenants, stage to…

Wait, I’m sorry, I can’t give attention to something about Shadowlands besides the truth that everybody’s getting their soul megatortured, and has been for at the very least a 12 months. This signifies that each piece of official World of Warcraft content material is modified, and I’m right here to elucidate why that’s truly very humorous.

Wait, what’s up with this lore?

Everyone in World of Warcraft has numerous spiritual and philosophical beliefs that, up till now, have largely been summary. Then, Sylvanas Windrunner, the present baddie who’s driving Warcraft’s story ahead, confirmed as much as crack an enormous gap into the sky that results in the afterlife.

Look, I do know that’s lots to absorb. Just roll with it.

During BlizzCon 2019’s panels, we realized a bit bit extra in regards to the mechanics of the afterlife. When somebody dies, their soul is ferried to a particular afterlife. A only a few souls, the worst of the worst, are despatched to The Maw, the place they’re tortured for eternity.

But the equipment of dying is at present damaged, which suggests everybody goes to The Maw. We know that this began a while after Burning Crusade however earlier than Battle for Azeroth — the most secure guess is that’s began after the Legion growth.

Night elves who received genocided? Maw. Brennadam mother and father who received speared to a wall? Maw. Heroes who made a noble sacrifice? Maw. Soldiers? Oh, you higher consider they went to the Maw.

That’s numerous Warcraft lore! If I have been to sofa it in actual life phrases, I might put it like this: think about a pleasant outdated girl dies. She’s going to supermax hell. So’s everybody else. Religion was proper, however the soul chute received tousled, so everybody’s simply getting their soul tortured. Sorry! No refunds.

Oh no: Everyone who’s died in World of Warcraft is going to the worst hell Blizzard Entertainment

It will get worse

Going to the worst doable hell is dangerous sufficient. I’m fairly certain completely no one likes that. However, Blizzard has taken nice care to painting two deaths over the course of the Battle for Azeroth growth.

The first is High Overlord Saurfang, a noble orc warrior who received to point out up in 4 or 5 gorgeously rendered CGI cinematics. His story was a story of redemption — not only for him, however for the beliefs of the Horde. He died in a wonderful duel in opposition to a corrupt chief, realizing that his dying would save hundreds of his countrymen.

His soul is now getting tremendous tortured.

In the pre-Battle for Azeroth e book Before the Storm, King Anduin realizes that his closest servant and a father determine, Wyll Benton, is dying. There’s a protracted chapter the place Anduin involves phrases with the dying of his good friend; as a priest, he might save Wyll, however Wyll insists that he has had a protracted life and he solely desires to see his spouse once more. Anduin reads to the outdated man as he drifts away, and it’s a touching sequence. I’m not ashamed to confess I shed a tear or two over it.

What we didn’t know is that instantly after Wyll passes away, surrounded by family members, his soul instantly goes to The Maw the place it may be ripped aside by ghouls and in any other case desecrated.

With all of this in thoughts, it’s most likely for one of the best that Shadowlands is the following World of Warcraft growth. Although I do have some questions. Is anybody in any respect involved in regards to the portal to hell that received ripped into the sky? How do the philosophers and non secular of Azeroth react now that there’s a actual and tangible reply to all of their questions on life and dying. We’re going to rescue Wyll, proper? …Right?

Shadowlands is ready for a 2020 launch, and World of Warcraft nonetheless has to get via the ultimate 8.three patch of Battle for Azeroth, so these poor souls are going to must take care of it whereas we work via that content material.

Sorry, everybody who’s trapped in everlasting torment. Just dangle on for a couple of extra months. It’ll be high-quality.