After Kyle Hinckley wowed the world by beating Fallout 4 as a pacifist — an achievement that nearly busted his game in the process — the intrepid adventurer is again with a brand new feat. This time, he’s examined the bounds of peace in The Outer Worlds, an RPG by Obsidian that has repeatedly boasted in regards to the sheer quantity of selection offered to the player.

We know, for example, that you may kill everybody in your path and nonetheless full the sport. But what occurs while you keep away from violence altogether? And what if you happen to’re making an attempt to do this on Supernova, the hardest problem accessible?

As Hinckley came upon late final month, The Outer Worlds does certainly afford pacifists loads of room to breathe. Most main quests may be accomplished murdering anybody — and those which are left can nonetheless be carried out, if you happen to’re artistic sufficient.

At one level throughout his problem, Hinckley was tasked with using a computer to finish his quest. The downside was that you may’t log onto a PC except you’re out of fight, and the pc is correct between two enemies. Worse, whereas he finds a spot to cover close by, the 2 caterpillars someway sense him the second he tries utilizing the pc. Eventually, he figures out that he can do it by activating tactical time dilation, which slows down the sport whereas the enemies aren’t hostile. Crisis averted.

The different huge subject throughout this run occurred close to the top, when Hinckley has to enter a room with an essential character. But each single time he entered the realm, the game would just crash. There was no method round this a part of the sport — he wanted to set off it with the intention to transfer the story ahead with a cutscene. So as a substitute, Hinckley stood outdoors the door used a thoughts management ray towards the character, inflicting them to assault their very own bodyguards. Once in fight, the sport determined it was not going to play the cutscene and Hinckley may go ahead with the subsequent portion of the sport with out bother. He beat it shortly afterwards.

In this case, Hinckley approached the endeavor with a personality that had excessive attraction and temperament, which helped with speaking his method out of issues. But he additionally simply ended up working away from quite a lot of battle as nicely.

“Doing a challenge that does away with one of the two sources of experience (combat, quests) leaves your character pretty under-leveled,” Hinckley remarked. “In this case, no experience could come from combat, so it all came from quests that could be completed without engaging in violence, and smaller things like lockpicking, speech checks, and hacking.”

But the problem wasn’t restricted to his character. Hinckley additionally made positive that his companions didn’t damage anybody, both, by setting them to passive mode. There are occasions throughout the run when he makes use of science weapons for his or her uncomfortable side effects, like thoughts management, however he by no means outright kills anybody with these instruments.

“It’s a masterpiece of in-game story writing, and very accommodating for pacifists and genocidists alike,” Hinckley instructed Polygon in an electronic mail.

You can watch the entirety of his 50-part run on YouTube here.