The first time you meet Leon in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you’re instantly informed that the champion of the Galar area is undefeated. Imagine upholding a sterling file like that … only to get wrecked by a little child and his ineffective fish?

YouTuber PokeTips determined to strive an experiment in his copy of the most recent Pokémon video games — what would it not take for a participant to defeat the hardest coach within the recreation with nothing however a Magikarp? Despite being infamously ineffective, Magikarp does have one thing going for it this time round, as it might probably now be taught the highly effective Hydro Pump transfer. But one sturdy transfer isn’t sufficient to outlive a high-stakes battle.

Through the course of the video, PokeTips tries a number of completely different approaches to the Leon showdown. First, there’s an try with out gadgets, the place Magikarp is leveled to 100 and educated to have excessive hit factors and particular assault. The concept is to make Magikarp sturdy sufficient to resist assaults from enemies that know Electric-based strikes, whereas additionally making it highly effective sufficient to one-shot its rivals. Magikarp does get via a couple of monsters with this plan, however finally fails.

The subsequent few makes an attempt make use of things like Eviolite, which helps bulk up the defenses of any unevolved Pokémon. Magikarp will get a little farther, however nonetheless, no cube. The set-up that finally works finds Magikarp holding Choice Specs, which boosts particular assault whereas limiting the Pokemon to a single transfer, alongside with Special X, which additionally ups a creature’s Special Attack.

Granted, the scheme doesn’t work straight away — a lot of this comes all the way down to luck, particularly on condition that Hydro Pump only has an 80% likelihood of hitting. Still, Magikarp does persevere ultimately. What a champ!