Pokémon Sword and Shield brings over the good EXP Candy system from Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and Pikachu!.

EXP Candy is just like the cousin of Rare Candy. It provides your Pokémon expertise factors relying on the sweet’s dimension with XS giving the least and XL giving essentially the most. It’s far more frequent to discover than Rare Candy, making it good to grind your Pokémon shortly.

To get a bunch of EXP Candy, run Max Raids. The greater issue the raid, the larger the sweet reward is. So should you run a five-star Max Raid, you’ll get some L and XL Candy. Running a two-star Max Raid will yield S and M Candy. This makes doing these weak-looking four- and five-star Max Raids price doing. Even should you don’t need to catch the Greedent, taking it down gives you some good sweet.

You may get sweet by speaking to the NPCs discovered across the Wild Area that will randomly offer you some in alternate for just a few Watts, however Max Raiding is one of the best ways to reliably earn the sweet.