Red Dead Redemption 2 fixes even more crashes

Life within the West has been troublesome on PC principally as a result of I preserve steering my horse into NPCs accidentally and beginning an unintended canine pile of people and horses. On the upshot, I haven’t personally had any points with Red Dead Redemption 2 itself crashing, simply my horse. Plenty of different gamers have although and Rockstar’s new update for PC gamers in the present day goals to repair even extra persistent stability points.

The final cowboy sport has been fighting stability on PC since launching in November. Rockstar have been making common bug and crash-fixing updates for weeks. More fixes have arrived once more in the present day. Players have obtained complimentary care packages with in-game objects and trend as compensation for the troubled launch however apparently the bumpy experience remains to be ongoing for some.

Here are some conditions that Rockstar have solved crashing points for that, in keeping with the up to date patch notes, you shouldn’t expertise as of in the present day:

  • Entering the Landing Page throughout sport startup
  • Running out of reminiscence
  • During preliminary startup for some particular {hardware} configurations
  • Random crashes throughout gameplay on techniques utilizing a Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card
  • Starting the Benchmark Tool on low-end techniques

It appears like I’ve been fortunate to have escaped any crashing alone Nvidia GTX 970 GPU. I’ve skilled bizarre graphical points however they’ve principally been annoying relatively than tragic. Here’s a screenshot of my possemate in RDR2 on-line strolling round as a horrible absurdist tumbleweed with an uncanny human head.

Red Dead Redemption 2 fixes even more crashes

If you’re not getting crashes however you’re nonetheless figuring out easy methods to get the very best framerate, see our Red Dead Redemption 2 efficiency information. If you didn’t wish to purchase the sport from Rockstar’s new sport launcher or Epic, you’ll additionally be capable of purchase it on Steam this Thursday, December fifth.