Obsidian Entertainment is greatest identified for its work on RPGs like Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, and The Outer Worlds, however the workforce has lately been laborious at work on one thing solely new: a survival recreation the place you’re the measurement of a bug. We spent a day at Obsidian testing the sport and walked away with this record of 10 causes you ought to be enthusiastic about this offbeat venture. 

See the world from a distinct perspective

Grounded is about in an Earth-like surroundings, however you might be bug-sized, so the whole lot seems extremely totally different from the bottom. Tiny bugs turn out to be fearsome beasts, and little items of rubbish turn out to be potential shelters. 

Build new tech

Like most survival video games, you start the sport with meager provides, however as you collect twigs and pebbles you’ll be able to assemble makeshift weapons, huts, and different helpful instruments. For instance, sap will be mixed with twigs to create torches, and bug exoskeletons can be utilized to craft armor. 

Humorous story

As the sport begins, you shrink right down to the dimensions of an ant to conduct just a few science experiments. But shock! Things shortly go haywire and you might be unable to develop again to your regular measurement. A zany robotic walks you thru the early hours and helps you survive the evening, however we suspect there’s extra happening with this unnamed bot than it initially appears. Ultimately, Grounded seems to supply a lighthearted and enjoyable story. 

Four-player co-op

Grounded permits you to select from considered one of 4 totally different characters: Max, Willow, Pete, and Hoops. All 4 characters have the identical abilities and talents, however gamers can invite their real-life pals into their recreation to assist construct camps and take down hostile creatures, similar to spiders.

Simulated world

Grounded is a simulated world, which means that the opposite bugs and critters in your yard will proceed to reside their lives even when not in view. When they’re round, you’ll be able to watch the bugs hunt and struggle one another. Also, as gamers hunt and scavenge they may create meals shortages, which can trigger ripples by the ecosystem. 

Things develop over time

To compensate for grasping scavengers, the entire crops in Grounded slowly develop again over time, so in the event you return to an previous space after a protracted hiatus, it would really feel new once more. 

Play in first or third individual

Is this actually that thrilling? I don’t know. You inform me? But I didn’t know the place else to place this little truth. 


Light RPG parts

Obsidian didn’t go in-depth concerning the RPG techniques, however it did promise that gamers will evolve and develop throughout their time with the sport. As you stage up you’ll unlock new tiers of the tech tree. 

A wide range of biomes

We solely noticed the beginning zone throughout our preview, however Obsidian guarantees that there can be all kinds of environments within the closing recreation. The opening zone seems like a standard grass-filled garden, however there can be a greater diversity of locals within the closing recreation. This is simply hypothesis, however the closing recreation may have small puddles that act like lakes or sandboxes that really feel like huge deserts.

Flexible evolving design

One neat side of Grounded is that Obsidian has saved its workforce measurement to round a dozen folks. This has allowed the studio to experiment wildly with the sport. Obsidian plans to maintain the workforce measurement small to allow them to proceed to experiment with the design over the early entry interval. Overall, which means that the Grounded workforce needs to be extremely nimble and have the ability to shortly reply to participant suggestions as they implement new concepts.

Obsidian plans to launch Grounded into early entry within the Spring on Xbox One and PC; the sport can even be a part of Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription, so that you don’t have lengthy to attend to take a look at this distinctive venture.