He does not skip arm day, or any day for that matter

According to the latest version of Japanese journal Weekly Jump! it seems that the next behemoth heading to Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ, Broly (DBS), will be arriving in-game next week, December 5 to be precise.

This newest roster addition to the good tag-fighter is a variant of the character taken from the 2018 anime Dragon Ball Super: Broly. After being exiled as a an toddler from Planet Vegeta, Broly returns as an grownup, stacked to the rafters with muscle and packing a nasty angle to match. A recently-released trailer exhibits the massive boy in motion, to understandably devastating impact.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is obtainable now on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Broly (DBS) on December 5 [Siliconera / Ryokutya2089]

It looks like Broly (DBS) will be hitting Dragon Ball FighterZ next week