For Red Blue Games co-founders Edward and Lucas Rowe, growing video games has all the time been intertwined with their indescribable bond as twin brothers. 

“We’d make Paper Mario levels on spools of paper,” Lucas recollects with a smile. 

“We would take those spools of paper and get on either end of it and draw until you met in the middle and you have a world,” Edward provides. “We would do battles with stick figures where we’d each draw a picture and you’d fill it in one at a time and sort of fight each other by adding to the drawing.”

Since they have been children, Edward and Lucas have all the time been making video games collectively, whether or not it was on spools of paper, utilizing the HyperCard program on a Mac Plus, or making a Dungeons & Dragons sport utilizing little outdoors of a Lego set and their creativity. Games grew to become a ardour that they each knew wanted to be a component of their future.

“The running theme of our childhood is just sort of entertaining ourselves by making games for each other,” Lucas says.

Games are what deepened their connection,  however because the pair obtained older and their programming expertise grew, the 2 put their ardour for creating collectively on maintain to pursue careers in programming and households. That was till 2013 when the brothers lastly determined it was time to make the leap and return to their love of making video games. 

“We reached a point where we were both ready, and I feel like there’s a window in your life when you can do something like this and that window was open,” Lucas says. “We knew it was going to close soon, so we took the chance to do it when we could.”

That brings us to Sparklite, the duo’s first main foray into the indie scene. The journey sport options attractive visuals and a novel soundtrack, a related story and protagonist, and a gameplay loop that can attraction to anybody acquainted with the style. The Rowe brothers are assured they will make a splash with Sparklite.

Ada And The World Of Sparklite


In Sparklite, gamers tackle the position of a silent protagonist named Ada. This adventurous gadgeteer is reluctantly thrust right into a battle between the individuals of Geodia and the Baron, the sport’s antagonist who’s hellbent on constructing his mining empire by draining the planet of the useful resource that powers and connects all life: in any other case often called Sparklite.

“She’s somewhat inspired by Rey and Han Solo put together,” Edward says. “We tried to put character into her animations and things like that to make her a fun, likable character even though she doesn’t speak.”

When creating the characters and story for the sport, the Rowes tried to not bash gamers over the top with their message of the significance of science in an industrial age.  But additionally they needed to incorporate fascinating tidbits that flesh out who impressed them within the first place. For occasion, Ada is called after the mom of pc programing, Ada Lovelace, and her companion Hopper is called after Grace Hopper, one other pioneer of computing.

While the selection to make Ada a gadget-wielding scientist made sense thematically, it additionally suits with Sparklite’s gameplay.

A Roguelike For All Seasons

Sparklite Preview — The Culmination of A Dream In The Indie Scene

Sparklite is a roguelike for newcomers, focusing extra on gadget experimentation and exploration than hardcore runs and crippling participant deaths. While the sport nonetheless focuses on a run-based system of beginning over every time you die, the mechanics are far more forgiving in that all the things collected on that run returns with you to the hub space of The Refuge.

“We are definitely doing our best to cater toward the more E for Everyone than the hardcore roguelike like Binding of Isaac,” Lucas says. “So the depth of the gameplay will come from having more gadgets, not combos or anything like that.”

Gadgets are an integral half of the sport and gamers might want to search them out on their totally different runs to advance. Gear resembling a shrink ray or a batch of cluster bombs not solely make life simpler in opposition to numerous enemies, however permits gamers to discover a multitude of secrets and techniques hidden all through Geodia.

The combine of gadgetry and exploration gel in a means that saved me coming again for extra throughout my time with the sport. Like any good sport within the style, the extra I used the instruments at my disposal, the extra assured I used to be exploring every new biome, and most of the time I used to be rewarded for my bravery. 

While Sparklite is inherently targeted on being a sport for everybody, the Rowe brothers are nonetheless striving so as to add facets of the sport that can make style followers really feel at house, whether or not it’s by means of exploration or boss battles or presumably including a brand new sport plus mode later down the road.

A Song Of GameCubes and Gadgets

Sparklite Preview — The Culmination of A Dream In The Indie Scene

Many indie video games over the previous few years have discovered success replicating the 16-bit melodies of yesteryear, however with Sparklite, the Rowe brothers needed to do one thing totally different.

“It was sort of a high-fidelity theme, which was the perfect mood for what the music was, so we looked at it as a mood signpost. It was piratey and adventuresome,” Edward says. “After we had that, we started doing the rest of the music for the game with that guiding it. But then, Dale North (the game’s composer) had the idea to go with this sort of GameCube sound and we were not sure because it was different from the high fidelity one that we loved. So that was a risk but then he came back with a version and we really liked it and we thought it was really in line with the aesthetic of the game which we’ve been calling modern retro.”

During my time with the sport, I used to be consistently pausing the motion to take heed to the combo of enjoyable and thrilling themes that underscored my journey. The music closely jogged my memory of video games resembling Animal Crossing or Super Mario 64 in how they have been capable of convey out the heat and appeal of Sparklite whereas additionally motivating me to progress additional within the sport.

Modern retro additionally suits nicely with the visuals of the sport.

Invoking the fashionable pixel artwork kinds just like Celeste and Owlboy, the group at Red Blue Games has created an enticing and vibrant world that isn’t beholden to growth methods of the previous. Geodia is evocative of the 16-bit period whereas including visible flairs that make it work nicely on right this moment’s techniques.

“We’re trying to let ourselves do modern visual techniques like there’s a motion blur when you change rooms and there are some screen effects,” Edward says. “So we sort of try to strike this blend where we’ve taken modern techniques and applied them to make pixel art better, hopefully. It doesn’t have to be a retro thing to be pixel art.” 

The highway hasn’t all the time been simple for the Rowe brothers, however whether or not it is design challenges or working with household, they’ve by no means doubted their choice to department out on their very own. With Sparklite’s imminent launch, the brothers will lastly obtain a dream that every one began with a easy roll of paper.

“We’re launching across the world, so there’s going to be someone in Brazil that plays our game and it’s just really cool to think about,” Lucas says. “I’m really glad we did it. There are just no regrets right now, because there’s just no way this could have happened a few years ago.”

Sparklite launches on November 14 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, and PC.