You could get your car's name in Overland

You’re supposed to remain indifferent from folks within the apocalypse as a result of caring about different people will get in the best way of looking for primary. Overland, the strategic survival recreation about road-tripping West throughout an alien infestation, makes it robust to cease caring about them as a result of every one (canines included) has a randomly chosen name and backstory. Apparently I’ll be getting emotionally connected to my automobiles quickly too as a result of Overland needs to name them as properly.

The official Overland account on Twitter posted today asking gamers to submit names of their very own automobiles for an opportunity that they’ll seem within the recreation. Overland already has lots of randomised content material so asking for a pool of automobile names ought to most likely come as no shock. Each random survivor that you just meet on your street journey has a name and quick description as do all of the canines. You may even submit your Twitch username to have Overland use names of individuals in your chat room as survivors if you happen to’d like.

This begs the query, “if cars have names do they also have stories?” After all, Overland’s people have bizarre histories like “Was married for three days. Appreciates the company.” Maybe automobiles could have tales like “Used to be an Uber. Has been barfed in five times.”

The publish doesn’t particularly element how the names can be used nevertheless it appears honest to imagine {that a} automobile’s name will show whereas chosen much like survivors. I have already got such hassle deciding which automobile to take with me after I come throughout a brand new one in Overland. Oftentimes the sedan I got here in is breaking down however the two-seater truck accessible for the taking means I’ll have to go away behind a survivor that I appreciated. Now I’ll be forsaking one among my goofy people and just a little yellow hatchback named Mustard or one thing.

You can submit your personal automobile names via this Google form. Just please submit good names, not imply ones. I do know somebody will inevitably ship in “Trucky McTruckface.”

You can seize the tactical roadtrip survival recreation on, GOG, and Steam.