Have You Played... Gang Beasts?

A number of my pals from faculty have performed issues like have youngsters or transfer to different international locations now, however within the wilderness years of 2010-2016 we nonetheless all returned to our house city each Christmas, primarily to see our households, but additionally, secondarily, to get completely destroyed on Christmas eve.

A tertiary motive was that my good friend Tim, who has now each had a baby and moved to a different nation, would have an annual Christmas LAN occasion at his home. There had been a number of video games that cropped up at these. When Gang Beasts first appeared, round 2014 or so, it entered heavy rotation.

We, a bunch of sill very obnoxious 20 somethings, huddled round two electrical heaters in a cinder-block storage room abutting Tim’s home, and solely got here inside to eat the large takeaway we ordered. It was very chilly, and Gang Beasts was my favorite recreation to play as a result of it took all our minds off that. The lads all appreciated taking part in 4X video games so they may throw armies in opposition to one another, however with Gang Beasts we might all crowd round one display screen, and snort and hoot and screech and stamp our toes.

In Gang Beasts everyone seems to be a blob individual of a unique, vibrant color. Sort of a cross between Morph off of Take Hart/Morph and Flubber off of Flubber. You management every arm independently, and may make them seize and maintain onto one thing – virtually something, in actual fact. If you get the knack, you possibly can monkey up a wall, one arm swing at a time. You may also flail and punch. The goal is to be the final beast standing. The battlegrounds are inventive, so our enemies might be thrown into fireplace pits, or into the ocean, or dropped from atop a shifting truck.

It is a livid dance. Punch an opponent sufficient, and you may knock them to the bottom, leaving them helpless, however punch an excessive amount of and you may also tire your self out. If somebody wellies you off an edge, you possibly can seize onto them as you fall, taking them with you – or they could determine to sacrifice themselves, within the hope that your demise registers first. One time, Geoff climbed up a wall and caught there in a nook, whereas everybody forgot about him, and waited till Tim was the one different individual left. He leapt from the wall like a gelatinous batman.

Gang Beasts results in many Indiana Jones model life-or-death fights happening on the sting of furnaces, or on prime of a shifting huge wheel, and it stays in all probability the very best sofa recreation I’ve performed for years.