Ranked Apex Legends matches have been plagued for ages by ‘dashboarding,’ a apply the place you may give up the sport with none penalties to your ranked factors. That means lower than scrupulous gamers can grasp onto the RP totals even after they’re eradicated from a match early, however the builders say that “judgement day might be coming” for these making use of the exploit.

There’s “no want” for gamers to report dashboarding manually, according to senior programs designer Eric Hewitt, as a result of “we are able to see it on our finish.” Hewitt adds that “there might be extra rapid punishment sooner or later, simply must get every little thing lined up appropriately. We care deeply in regards to the ranked expertise, so issues might be dealt with quickly.”

While ‘dashboarding’ implies this is a console downside – quitting to a PS4 or Xbox One dashboard – it’s simply as prevalent on PC by the same old Alt-F4 command. Some punishment for the apply has been in place for months, as Hewitt says “we’ve been appearing on PC abusers since September.” The further sanctions will include “each” resets and bans.

While Apex Legends hasn’t stored up momentum to hit the heights of PUBG or Fortnite, it stays the most effective free PC video games on the market, and a powerful contender within the battle royale house. Hopefully, we’ll quickly get a bit extra sanctity for ranked play.