Home News Warzone solos, Stellaris diplomacy, and more of the week's big patches

Warzone solos, Stellaris diplomacy, and more of the week’s big patches

Warzone solos, Stellaris diplomacy, and more of the week's big patches

This week, Call Of Duty: Warzone added solos mode, Stellaris overhauled diplomacy alongside its Federations growth, Overwatch’s subsequent character hit the check servers, and Teamfight Tactics launched a cell model with PC crossplay. Read on for extra of the week’s PC gaming patches in The Weekly Updates Update.

Call Of Duty: Warzone launched Solos mode

Squads? Tch. This is MY victory.

Stellaris received an enormous replace alongside its new growth

Launched alongside Federations, the Verne replace introduced new species origins, diplomatic overhauls, and extra.

Warzone solos, Stellaris diplomacy, and more of the week's big patches

Wolcen made more fixes and tweaks

The builders have mentioned they’ve modified their post-launch plans for the action-RPG, now intending to place in 4 months of fixes earlier than beginning on new content material.

Echo is on Overwatch’s check servers

You can now strive hero #32, a robotic who can copy different heroes and their talents.

Warzone solos, Stellaris diplomacy, and more of the week's big patches

Total War: Three Kingdoms added a load new characters

White Tiger Yan is right here together with his personal distinctive swords and methods, and 16 different new legendary characters are in. The replace additionally reworked bandits, up to date spies, and usually fiddled with lots of stuff.

Artifact Power disabled in Destiny 2’s pinnacle PvP

After an intensely irritating debut weekend for Trials Of Osiris, the sweaty PvP mode coming back from the primary Destiny, Bungie have disabled Artifact Power bonuses. This was the plan all alongside, the rollout was simply delayed, and final weekend exhibits how a lot it was wanted. Regular Power variations are nonetheless enabled on this and Iron Banner however you received’t see Artifact bonuses pushing folks dozens of ranges above everybody. Yes, I’m nonetheless irked about final weekend.

Warzone solos, Stellaris diplomacy, and more of the week's big patches

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds added a rocket launcher

If you’re not on my squad, right here’s a scorching tip for you: not solely are you able to rocket soar with the Panzerfaust, in case your entire crew group up you’ll be able to all launch collectively. Yup. Genuine tip. Try it in the event you see me in your recreation. The M249 machine gun is now obtainable as regular loot, not simply in airdrops, and the Tommy Gun has change into much less ineffective too.

Teamfight Tactics launched a cell model

It has cross-platform multiplayer and inventories so hey, you’ll be able to take all of your stuff into your pocket.

Warzone solos, Stellaris diplomacy, and more of the week's big patches

Medieval Engineers received perhaps its ultimate replace

The builders stepped away for a 12 months to give attention to Space Engineers, then got here again with a small patch of bug fixes and shrugged that yeah it’s performed now bye. HMMMM.

No Man’s Sky added bobbleheads

Hey, it will get lonely in area?

Warzone solos, Stellaris diplomacy, and more of the week's big patches

Speaking Simulator added co-op

All the enjoyable of a robotic pretending to be an individual, now along with your buddies. It’s made for native multiplayer however Steam Remote Play Together is an possibility for on-line nowadays.

Morels: The Hunt added an easy mode

How to make a recreation about amassing mushrooms and admiring wildlife simpler? Remove the specter of ticks and poison ivy. The replace additionally made Exploration mode obtainable from the start, added a bag to allow you to acquire toxic mushrooms, and let free new wildlife together with snapping turtles and barn owls.

Warzone solos, Stellaris diplomacy, and more of the week's big patches

Sin is now Sin Gold

Ritual Entertainment’s 1998 FPS now consists of the 2015 growth Wages Of Sin and has been up to date with help for contemporary resolutions, optimisations, and different fixes and bits. This is the prelude to a full remaster coming from Nightdive Studios.

Rainbow Six Siege’s first Arcade mode is reside

Golden Gun has one-shot-kills with a single-shot gun, impressed by ye olde GoldenEye 007. You’ve solely received till Monday to play this.

Dota 2 added hundreds extra Scepter upgrades

Including letting Snapfire suck up associates to spit them at foes. This can snowball daftly together with different talents, as DotaCinema demonstrated:

Must Read

Yup, someone modded Isabelle into Resident Evil 3

To the surprise of precisely 0.0 percent of anybody, Animal Crossing’s Isabelle has been modded into Resident Evil 3’s remake. Only, it’s not exactly how I wished she would have shown up.

Record-breaking Half-Life speedrun briefly trades crowbars for lightsabers

Half Life‘s introduction is famously slow. Long tram rides and lengthy speeches from co-workers preparing Gordon Freeman for an experiment that would destroy the world. An atmospheric start, for sure, but it’s a pain for folks trying to beat the game as quickly as possible. For one speedrunner, though, those dead minutes aren’t an obstacle – they’re the perfect opportunity to start practising for a record-breaking Star Wars run.

The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for continuing to continue staying at home. Here’s the best writing about videogames from the past week.

VVVtunia Introduces Battle Features and Even More Virtual Youtubers

Over the past few weeks, the official site for VVVtunia has once again been updated to introduce new elements that are part of the game’s battle system, as well as even more virtual Youtubers who are set to cameo in the game.

Next-gen Switch Ports are Definitely Happening, Says Virtuos Games VP

One of the weirder side effects of Nintendo’s success with the Nintendo Switch has been a surge of interest in multiplatform ports. Some fans refer to this phenomenon with the pejorative “port-begging,” but the fact is there’s significant demand in this area. To meet that demand, many developers that you often see with co-development credits in all kinds of popular software have stepped up and really made names for themselves as Switch-porting tech wizards. One such studio recently stated in an interview that it plans to continue said wizardry into the next generation.