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GameStop Coronavirus Response: Store Operations Finally Shut Down

Days after GameStop got here underneath fireplace for not complying with lockdown measures to curb the unfold of Coronavirus, the corporate has introduced that it’s shutting down retailer operations and can function on a digital-only foundation till additional discover.

Prior to GameStop’s transfer, a Reddit consumer shared a discover glued on a GameStop outlet’s window in Pennsylvania, which states that shops within the area have been pressured shut by the order of respective authorities and the retailer’s working allow has been suspended till additional discover. GameStop beforehand argued that it was an “essential” enterprise as a result of it bought peripherals that individuals wanted to do business from home.

“Effective Sunday March 22, 2020, for all locations not already closed in accordance with state and local orders, GameStop will temporarily stop customer access to storefronts, processing orders on a digital-only basis, moving to curbside pick-up at stores and eCommerce delivery only,” mentioned the retailer in its newest press launch. “This will allow the Company to continue to serve customers who have purchased online at GameStop.com and the GameStop app and have requested a product pick-up at their local store.”

GameStop’s California retailers have already been closed down, and a few staff have reportedly been requested to request private time or file for unemployment.

“Our priority has been and continues to be on the well-being of our employees, customers and business partners,” CEO George Sherman mentioned in a press release. “The Company has announced it will pay all U.S. employees whose hours have been eliminated an additional two weeks at their regular pay rate based on the average hours worked in the last 10 weeks.  In addition, the Company will reimburse all benefit eligible U.S. employees one month of the employee portion of benefit expenses.”

[Source: GameStop, Reddit by way of DualShockers]

Help Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus

PlayStation LifeStyle recommends all readers adjust to CDC guidelines and stay as remoted as attainable throughout this pressing time. Visit the Centers for Disease Control at CDC.gov or the World Health Organization at WHO.int for the most recent data on the Coronavirus and be taught what you are able to do to cease the unfold.

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