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Steam sets new records amid worldwide lockdown

With COVID-19 persevering with to spread around the world, many international locations and cities have inspired everybody who can to follow social distancing. This means no large gatherings, no going out to eat, and a whole lot more staying inside. As one of many world’s foremost stay-inside actions video video games are one thing extra persons are utilizing.

Steam, Valve’s PC gaming market has hit a new record number of users over the weekend with more than 22 million players logging on. This is up from the earlier excessive of 20 million just some days earlier. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stays the platform’s most performed sport, because it has for the final a number of months, topping out at a record-breaking 1.1 million gamers on Sunday, March 22 — based on streamdb.info.

Interestingly, huge Steam hits like CS:GO, PUBG and Dota 2, that usually make up the highest of Steam’s charts, haven’t grown monumentally as Steam’s gamers have elevated. Instead, gamers have gravitated extra towards different video games, moderately than everybody leaping into the identical widespread aggressive multiplayer experiences. Thousands of gamers are shifting to video games just like the newly launched Doom: Eternal, and even 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot, which is free on Steam right now to encourage gamers to remain inside. Also free for the moment is Football Manager 2020, which has jumped all the way in which as much as the highest 5 on Steam’s charts.

While few different platforms provide such direct entry to gamers statistics as Steam, it appears protected to say that extra persons are taking part in extra video games throughout the board. Which would possibly assist account for issues just like the latest Xbox Live outages which have occurred in the previous couple of weeks.

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Though the variety of COVID-19 circumstances in a few of the earliest international locations to report the virus, reminiscent of China and South Korea, have decreased the United States and different international locations are solely now seeing their an infection charges improve as testing turns into extra broadly out there. In an attempt to curtail the pandemic, officers in varied components of the world, and lots of states within the US are starting to concern lockdowns which encourage folks to remain of their properties and pressure closure of all non-essential companies. With these lockdowns on the rise for at the very least the subsequent month, it’s possible that we haven’t seen an finish to the rise in gamers on Steam and different platforms.

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