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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Producers Reveals Claude’s Real Name and the Prototype Route

The newest difficulty of Nintendo Dream is out, and it incorporates a prolonged interview with Fire Emblem: Three Houses Producers Toshiyuki Kusakihara and Genki Yokota on behind-the-scenes particulars concerning the sport’s story. It goes over particulars that weren’t touched upon within the sport, corresponding to Claude’s identify and which route was the primary one conceptualized. [Thanks, @hellopigmi on Twitter and SigurdVII on Reddit!]

Editor’s Note: Fire Emblem: Three Houses spoilers will observe.

Here are the highlights:

  • Claude’s actual identify is Khalid (カリード, kaliid), with Claude being a pretend identify. This was meant to be revealed within the story, however they couldn’t discover an opportunity to fit it in. There was alleged to be a scene the place Nader calls Claude “Khalid,” however they couldn’t decide on the main points, and so it ended up being lower.


  • Originally, there was some resistance to giving Claude his identify, as a result of there was already an present character in Fire Emblem: Geneology of the Holy War with that identify. Then once more, it’s a pretend identify anyhow and there are additionally different characters who’ve overlapping names anyhow (eg. Kamui in Fire Emblem Echoes and Kamui/Corrin in Fire Emblem Fates), in order that they felt it was nice.
  • Kusakihara mentioned that Claude “probably has actual siblings in Almyra.” Or moderately, he’d have half-siblings with a unique mom, who would then decide on him, which varieties the premise of his life philosophy. The predominant theme of Claude’s route is about the right way to battle in opposition to these unwilling to just accept these completely different from them, and it stems from his upbringing.
  • When creating Claude, Kusakihara acknowledged that the group took inspiration from Yang Wen-li from The Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Rajendra from The Heroic Legend of Arsland, and Claude is one thing of a mixture of each of them. He values ‘survival’ as a victory, and because of this he pleads for his life in one of many routes and survives in all of the others. Kusakihara believes that his values are very completely different from Fodlanders’ values, which is proven in his dialogue if Hilda is killed within the Crimson Flower route.
  • The Silver Snow route (or “Church” route) was the prototype conceptual route deliberate out, and the Koei Tecmo Scenario Team then branched out from that to develop the opposite routes’ tales and Class Leaders’ growth. As such, the Black Eagles route was meant to be the toughest route, as you’d lose entry to Edelgard. However, the event group actually needed a route the place you could possibly go along with Edelgard. Even then, it was initially meant to be a lot tougher (round “three times” tougher) to satisfy the necessities to take action.
  • Edelgard underwent her experiments after Lysithea. Originally, she was meant to have a bigger, rival-like place within the story, to the purpose the place she might intrude with Byleth’s skill to govern time with Divine Pulse. However, this was scrapped.
  • The Sothis we meet contained in the story is in an incomplete state, which is why she differs from how Rhea remembers Sothis. Sothis’ actual look is the grownup design seen solely in portray type.
  • The cause why Rhea modified historical past in order that the Ten Elites and Nemesis have been generally known as heroes was as a result of, from the angle of the people, they actually have been heroes. It was modified to be able to maintain the peace. That mentioned, Rhea meddled with how historical past was instructed to be able to quell the flames of warfare, and to not rule over humanity.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Producers Reveals Claude’s Real Name and the Prototype Route

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is obtainable on Nintendo Switch. Check out one other interview about a number of the DLC additions here.

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