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Granblue Fantasy: Versus adds DLC character Soriz on April 7

Let yer ol’ dad deal with this one

Arc System Works and CyGames have revealed the launch date for Soriz, the subsequent DLC fighter headed to the enticing Granblue Fantasy: Versus. The professional martial artist might be able to step into the ring on April 7.

A mature gentleman who as soon as ran a profitable weapon retailer, Soriz quickly realised that with self-discipline and coaching he may hone his personal physique into changing into the final word weapon. With that mantra in thoughts, Soriz set about tuning his physique to perfection and making his hand-to-hand talents second-to-none. While that each one sounds very noble, the official blurb does additionally state that he’s able to being “a mere dirty old man.” Okay…

Soriz launches on April 7 worldwide, and will be bought individually or as a part of the Granblue Fantasy: Versus Character Pass Set, which additionally consists of Beelzebub, Narmaya, Zooey, and Djeeta, the latter two of whom will arrive at a later date.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is offered now on PS4 and PC.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus DLC character Soriz launches April 7 [Gematsu]

Granblue Fantasy: Versus adds DLC character Soriz on April 7

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