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New Rainbow Six Siege update fixes a bunch of Operators – check out the patch notes

Ubisoft is rolling out a brand new Rainbow Six Siege patch over the subsequent few hours, marking the primary replace because the starting of Year 5, Season 1, Void Edge.

The Y5S1.1 patch notes, which you’ll be able to learn under via Ubisoft, don’t point out any game-changing tweaks, nevertheless it does comprise some welcome bug fixes, together with some to your favorite Operators. Castle barricades, for instance, will not be destroyed by any outdated explosive if an Op is standing too shut. Clash’s protect, in the meantime, has seen its hitbox tweaked, and a problem with Echo’s second Yokai drone has been eradicated.

Iana and Oryx see essentially the most fixes and tweaks – comprehensible since Ubisoft has had much less time to repair them since their current launch than it has for older characters. For instance, a problem the place Oryx would typically take injury with out truly destroying a wall has been mounted; as Ubisoft notes, “poor man doesn’t want any greater insurance coverage premiums”.

The Siege replace drops on PC immediately, March 24, at 06:00 PT / 09:00 ET / 13:00 GMT. There can be roughly 20 minutes of downtime from that time earlier than you may start taking part in once more.

This may be the final Siege replace for some time, as Ubisoft stated just lately that it foresees “smaller patches can be minimize within the quick time period” as a result of adjustments the corporate’s needed to make to cope with the continuing coronavirus pandemic. In different information in regards to the ever-evolving FPS sport, Ubisoft just lately advised that sad professional Rainbow Six Siege gamers are a very good factor.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.1 replace patch notes


OBS compatibility with Vulkan (resembling capture-mode) will work with the newest model of OBS Studio (v25.0).



  • FIXED – Inconsistent particles when barricades/hatches are destroyed by a number of totally different weapons.
  • FIXED – Sound propagation points when the spikes on a reinforcement are destroyed.
  • FIXED – Explosion SFX of some devices will be muffled if detonated on the again/spiked sections of strengthened partitions.
  • FIXED – Spamming gadget equip/unequip could cause protect operators to take longer to equip their protect.
  • FIXED – Incorrect animations when performing sure actions.
  • FIXED – When ADS some components of the scope will go out and in of focus.


  • FIXED – Various operator visible animation points.
  • FIXED – Operator’s shields will flip if going inclined proper after a melee.
  • FIXED – Using ADS whereas Blackbeard’s protect is supplied causes SFX points.
  • FIXED – Castle’s armored panels are destroyed by any explosive if an operator is standing too near the panel.
  • FIXED – Clash CCE protect has a barely overextended hitbox.
  • FIXED – If Echo will get DBNOed whereas deploying his Yokai he’s unable to deploy his 2nd Yokai later.
  • FIXED – Missing overheat SFX when firing his Evil Eye.
  • FIXED – Maverick can immediately destroy hatches together with his suri-torch underneath sure circumstances.
  • FIXED – Monty’s protect hitbox is bigger than the protect and might forestall gamers from hitting enemies once they conceal behind Monty.
  • FIXED – Sight alignment offset when Nokk goes from liable to standing if Hel is activated.
  • FIXED – Weapon stays on display after ADSing with Hel activated.
  • FIXED – EOR replay digicam doesn’t transfer if Iana prompts her gadget on the final second.
  • FIXED – After hologram is destroyed or recalled, Iana can typically see OOW very briefly.
  • FIXED – Hologram VFX stays even when her hologram is destroyed proper upon deployment.
  • FIXED – Iana’s operator mannequin stays within the map even when the participant leaves the sport whereas controlling the hologram.
  • FIXED – From third individual POV, Iana’s hologram deploys dealing with the unsuitable route.
  • FIXED – Iana’s hologram doesn’t take the identical weapon that Iana is supplied with (Her hologram has a thoughts of its personal).
  • FIXED – Iana’s hologram can set off shrapnel holes.
  • FIXED – Iana can nonetheless management her hologram even after Mute locations a jammer shut by if she is already within the Hologram beforehand.
  • FIXED – Iana can’t deploy her hologram when there are Lesion Gu Mines in entrance of her.
  • FIXED – Scanned Jackal footprints disappear throughout killcam when Jackal scans them.
  • FIXED – Scanned footprints disappear throughout a killcam when the proprietor of the footprints is killed.
  • FIXED – Jackal can swap scans between 2 units of footprints of the identical operator with out getting his gadget reset.
  • FIXED – Kali’s CSRX 300 received’t destroy a hatch if it solely hits one panel of the hatch.
  • FIXED – Operators with ballistic shields are caught in an un-equipped protect state whereas attempting to take away Lesion’s Gu needles.
  • FIXED – Inconsistent injury and concussion FX when utilizing Oryx’s Remah sprint in sure spots or in irregular methods.
  • FIXED – If Oryx dashes right into a strengthened wall subsequent to a destructible, he’ll take injury with out destroying the destructible wall. (Poor man doesn’t want any greater insurance coverage premiums).
  • FIXED – Oryx can typically lose management if he’s pushed again by a Nomad Airjab on the similar time that he makes an attempt to climb a hatch.
  • FIXED – Players can melee after being knocked down by Oryx or Nomad’s Airjabs.
  • FIXED – Using Sledge’s breaching hammer on the perimeters of the hatches doesn’t break them.
  • FIXED – Sledge continues to reload his weapon even when he cancels it to take out his hammer.
  • FIXED – Zofia’s affect grenades can cross by way of Operator’s shields and detonate, if the defending operator is sprinting/strolling on the time.


  • FIXED – Gadget deployment inconsistencies with varied map belongings.
  • FIXED – Inconsistencies/points with the destruction of some map props.
  • FIXED – Various LOD points on maps.
  • FIXED – Various problematic LoS points on maps.
  • FIXED – Some pixel peeks and spawn peek spots on maps.
  • FIXED – Various visible/beauty fixes on maps and map belongings.
  • FIXED – Various clipping/dynamic clipping points with map belongings.
  • FIXED – Various clipping and dynamic clipping points
  • FIXED – Various lighting points for darkish spots on maps.
  • FIXED – Some collision points with map belongings + drones/Operators.
  • FIXED – When utilizing a breaching cost on the decrease part of a barricaded window, it destroys solely the highest layer of the adjoining ground.
  • FIXED – Some partitions sorts don’t take bullet injury when shot from a sure aspect.
  • FIXED – Players can go OOB from the police barricade.
  • FIXED – Oryx can undergo a wall utilizing his Remah sprint in 2F Armory Desk of Border.
  • FIXED – Hibaba’s X-Kairos has no collision with the desk at 1F Lobby of Consulate.
  • FIXED – Inconsistent vaulting and vault points for some areas of Oregon.
  • FIXED – Some collision/navigation points with some map belongings on Oregon.
  • FIXED – Various areas the place gamers can nonetheless obtain injury from exterior indestructible partitions on Oregon.
  • FIXED – Valkyrie Black Eye will be hidden inside a flower pot in 1F Lobby of Oregon.
  • FIXED – Indestructible picket shelf in 1F Meeting Hall in Oregon
  • FIXED – Players can get caught after vaulting the steel fence at EXT Construction Site on Oregon.
  • FIXED – Ceiling followers on Oregon have inconsistent SFX.
  • FIXED – Wall splinters stay when destroying a number of the partitions on Yacht.

User expertise

  • FIXED – Duplicate working SFX when sprinting near a wall.
  • FIXED – Overlapping working SFX when protect is on a protect operator’s again.
  • FIXED – Players obtain a matchmaking error when making a full squad and attempting to affix an Unranked match.
  • FIXED – Various minor menu and HUD visible fixes and updates
  • FIXED – Toggling devices too rapidly could cause Operators to look unusual from third individual POV.
  • FIXED – Various store and beauty visible points.
  • FIXED – Various spectator mode visible points on maps.
  • FIXED – Various minor menu and HUD fixes and updates.
  • FIXED – For vibrant mild sources and vibrant cosmetics, the lens impact with Bloom/Lens flare is just too vibrant.
  • FIXED – Infinite loading in menu for some Operator/weapon previews
  • FIXED – Situations: Operators can get caught and lose performance throughout Prep section after skipping the cinematic.
  • FIXED – JIP/Reconnecting gamers typically see incorrect info displayed when spectating.
  • FIXED – Grainy thumbnail texture for maps within the Maps tab of the playlist guides.

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