Home News Warframe’s Scarlet Spear hits PC today – here’s what to expect

Warframe’s Scarlet Spear hits PC today – here’s what to expect

Warframe‘s subsequent huge replace is right here. Developer Digital Extremes hinted that Operation Scarlet Spear could be arriving quickly, and ‘quickly’ has arrived in the present day. Scarlet Spear is now reside on PC, which opens up the following narrative chapter for Warframe with the brand new Operation Link and a bunch of particular rewards for the occasion.

Scarlet Spear kicks off with a brand new cinematic that picks up on Empyrean’s cliffhanger. The Sentients have invaded, kicking off the long-anticipated New War in earnest. In sensible phrases, meaning you’re going to social gathering up for four-player missions in a brand new Operation Room. The Operation Link will see groups coordinate Ground Assault missions and Railjack-bound Murex Raids to push again enemy forces, and every particular person victory contributes to the general neighborhood purpose.

To begin Scarlet Spear, you’ll have to be Mastery Rank 3. You’ll have to speak to Little Duck within the Scarlet Spear Flotilla to get an OpLink Beacon and be part of the occasion. Little Duck will even have a store so that you can spend Scarlet Credits on new gear. You can get extra particulars on the rewards on the official site, however they vary from the brand new Basmu Rifle to a novel variant of Lacera.


The occasion lasts till April 21 at 11:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT / 19:00 BST.

Warframe’s Scarlet Spear hits PC today – here’s what to expect

Warframe sits alongside many different free PC video games among the many greatest methods to move the time when you’re caught indoors.

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