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Big The Division 2 update overhauls difficulty and Seasonal Manhunts – check out the patch notes

The Division 2 has simply been handled to a hefty replace, marking the primary modifications to the sport since its Warlords of New York growth dropped earlier this month. Along with a batch of changes to the multiplayer recreation’s Seasonal Manhunt system, developer Massive Entertainment can be including some massive modifications to how problem scaling works to “make taking part in collectively simpler”. Read on to search out out what’s in retailer for patch 8.4.

As of the replace, Seasonal Manhunt now enables you to achieve progress on the Normal problem degree and above, which suggests anybody taking part in in a bunch can earn progress, no matter which degree its chief opted for. In addition, the system now has its personal particular UI button “that permits gamers to reset the Manhunt to replay it”. The Global Difficulty will not be bundled into one possibility with it. Sweet.

This works each methods, although – this modification means you’ll must reset the Seasonal Manhunt individually, because it received’t now be reset by the Global Difficulty possibility.

In phrases of steadiness modifications, replace 8.Four brings decreased “NPC injury output for all difficulties”, and this “applies to all NPCs and actions and enemies will do much less injury to gamers in comparison with their present injury output”. Plus, well being and armour will now be based mostly on a given exercise’s problem, and NPCs’ personal armour and well being will now decreased for group scaling, besides on the Heroic and Legendary ranges, the place they’ll have extra. Gulp.

The newest patch additionally brings varied Black Tusk-specific tweaks, and an entire bunch of bug fixes. See the total patch notes (through Ubisoft) beneath:

Gameplay modifications

  • Seasonal Manhunt is modified to permit progress at Normal problem and above. This will make taking part in collectively simpler as all gamers will achieve progress it doesn’t matter what problem was set by the group chief.
  • Seasonal Manhunt is receiving a button within the Manhunt UI that permits gamers to reset the Manhunt to replay it. This permits gamers to reset the progress particularly and with out altering the Global Difficulty.
  • This additionally means altering the Global Difficulty is not going to reset the Seasonal Manhunt and gamers are required to reset it through the Seasonal Manhunt UI.
  • Coyote’s Mask will drop from Coyote with an elevated drop probability on increased difficulties.
  • We are additionally trying into offering the Mask for gamers that haven’t obtained them despite the fact that they reached Season Rank 35.
    Increasing the reward high quality for the next Open World
  • Activities to be in step with different actions: Public Execution, Settlement Blockade and Propaganda Broadcast.
  • Reward caches from Conflict matches at most degree are actually of High-End high quality.

Balancing modifications

Developer Note:
“The recreation was tuned in a means that taking part in the very same enemy composition at increased difficulties and better participant counts would match to the anticipated gear of that problem and further gamers added. However, because the recreation additionally provides extra Elites and Veterans to accommodate increased problem and participant counts, this precipitated tuning to overcompensate well being and injury increased than meant.  We are thus reducing many of those values.”

  • Reduce NPC Damage output for all difficulties.
  • This applies to all NPCs and actions and enemies will do much less injury to gamers in comparison with their present injury output.
  • Reduce NPC Health and Amor for group scaling.
  • Enemy Health and Armor scaling for 2-, 3- and 4-player teams based mostly on Veterancy.
  • This means Red, Veteran, Elite and Named enemies can have their
  • Health and Armor decreased in comparison with their present values.
  • Additionally, we’re adjusting Health and Armor based mostly on exercise problem.
  • This applies to Hard and Challenging difficulties the place enemies can have decrease Health and Armor in comparison with their present values.
  • An exception are Heroic and Legendary problem enemies which can have their Health and Armor elevated to compensate for the group scaling reductions to their values.

Developer Note:
“We nonetheless intend Heroic and Legendary to be very difficult. Therefore, we’re growing the bottom problem to account for the well being reductions for co-op scaling. Compared to now this implies Heroic and Legendary might be a bit more durable for solo gamers and 2-player teams, 3-player problem will keep roughly the identical, and 4-player problem might be simpler.”

  • Black Tusk particular changes which went dwell earlier final week
  • Reduced the well being of Warhounds.
  • Reduced injury of Warhound Sniper.
  • Reduced the injury of the 360 spin of Warhound minigun.
  • Increased the intention icon period of the 360 spin from
  • Warhound Minigun to offer gamers extra time to react.
  • Reduced weak level well being of Warhound Grenadier’s Control Unit.
  • Support Station
  • Reduced Base Health of Support Station.
  • Adjusted well being scaling of Support Station with Veterancies.
  • Increased probability of Support Stations being deployed within the open (away from cowl).
  • EMP results will now injury the Support Station.

Lvl 30 WT1-WT5 Content

  • NPC Damage, Health and Armor will obtain extra reductions.

Developer Note:
“Pre-Warlords of New York content material has decrease most values to weapon injury, ability injury, and armor (and so on.) than degree 31+ content material so problem is now tuned individually for pre-expansion world tier content material.”

PvP Balance Changes

  • All PvP weapon injury: – 20%
  • PvP Rifles: a further -10%
  • PvP MMRs: a further -10%


  • Cluster Seeker Mine:
  • Reduced distance to bull cost from 12m to 10m.
  • Reduced distance from finish to blow up from 6m to 4m.

Developer Note:
“These modifications ought to make the Cluster Seeker Mine really feel a bit extra responsive.”

Bug fixes

  • Fixed lacking dialogue localization for Brazilian Portuguese on Stadia.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting developer UI components being seen within the
  • Language and Settings menu.
  • Implemented enhancements for information streaming points on PlayStation 4.
  • Fixed a difficulty that might trigger in-game settings to reset after a participant respawns.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting the Seasonal Manhunt progress to reset when altering Directives.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting the Apparel Event Urban Jungle schedule to not present accurately in-game.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting Target Intel to be delivered to the mailbox. This was now eliminated as Target Intel is not used within the recreation.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting the Sticky Bomb to not do injury underneath sure circumstances.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting the Shock Trap deploys to be very shut collectively when launched.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting Global Difficulty to have an effect on the Operation Dark Hours raid.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting Specializations to not unlock whereas proudly owning the Ultimate Edition or having bought the Year 1 Bundle.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting Season rewards to be skipped and as an alternative giving gamers duplicates when gaining a number of Season Levels.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting the target “Complete the Roosevelt Island Mission on Hard or Higher Difficulty” to not depend in the direction of the Daily Project Outcast Hunt.
  • Fixed a difficulty that might trigger the Level 35 Season reward to not be delivered.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting unintended Health values on Shields.
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting Season Ranks to be reset.
  • Fixed a difficulty that precipitated League Mission Timers to reset when a Rogue encounter wiped the group.

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