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Bright Memory Infinite Trailer Goes Full Anime – PlayStation LifeStyle

If Bright Memory: Infinite wasn’t a sport in your launch radar then don’t really feel dangerous. The latest gameplay trailer highlights a burgeoning first-person shooter franchise from a comparatively unknown developer seemingly popped up out of nowhere. If Bright Memory isn’t ringing a bell, that’s as a result of China’s FYQD-Studio isn’t known for much of anything moreover the shock reception to its current Early Access release of Bright Memory on Steam in January 2019. The sport combines FPS motion, puzzle-solving, and liberal use of grappling hooks and slides to mow down enemies with the best of ease.

Whereas the first trailer for this reboot/remake of Bright Memory highlighted story elements, this new trailer for Bright Memory: Infinite is all-action, with primary character Shelia operating and/or gunning all over, together with on the wings of business airplanes. The sport’s design seems to put on its influences on its sleeve, because the aesthetic and fight all seem fairly much like anime and scorching mess of a live-action movie Battle Angel Alita. That mentioned, the graphical energy packed into this brief trailer is substantial and spectacular, even when it resembles an overly-polished, brief expertise. The clips of Sheila grappling from the wings of airplanes whereas no-scoping is spectacular and delightful, however appears don’t at all times allude to gameplay high quality.

A console launch date isn’t introduced, however the PC launch on Steam is tomorrow, March 26th. The launch is being referred to as a primary episode and a three-hour-long motion expertise, additionally sporting some fairly hefty system specs for these wanting on the PC facet of issues. The recommended specs alone counsel that maybe the developer is biding its time for a PlayStation 5 announcement. While the world isn’t missing in shiny first-person shooters the sub-$10 price ticket is greater than sufficient to get players to offer Bright Memory: Infinite a shot when the time comes.

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