Home Trailers Bright Memory: Infinite trailer has wicked Battle Angel Alita vibes

Bright Memory: Infinite trailer has wicked Battle Angel Alita vibes

By Gunnm, this seems cool

FYQD-Studio’s hyper-kinetic motion title Bright Memory only just left Early Access, however that hasn’t stopped the developer from revealing its second chapter, Bright Memory: Infinite, at present in improvement for PC and consoles.

Bright Memory: Infinite will see gamers step again into the extremely expert footwear of operative Sheila, a high agent of the Science Research Organization, as she patrols the airborne “Land of Sky,” investigating unusual phenomena and the shady organizations that hope to learn by exploiting them. Bright Memory combines parry-and-attack melee fight with typical FPS run ‘n’ gun motion to create a fast-moving and dynamic motion expertise.

What strikes me hardest is Bright Memory: Infinite‘s instant resemblance to one among my all-time favorite manga franchises: Gunnm (aka Battle Angel Alita). With its cyber-tooled hero, sky-high places, and fusion of martial arts and firepower, Bright Memory: Infinite seems to be the Alita sport we by no means received (save for a Japan-only PlayStation launch). This is purpose sufficient for Bright Memory: Infinite to hit my radar – even with that stomach-churning jetliner sequence that closes the video.

The unique Bright Memory launches on PC March 25, whereas Bright Memory: Infinite is at present in improvement for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Bright Memory: Infinite new gameplay trailer [Gematsu]

Bright Memory: Infinite trailer has wicked Battle Angel Alita vibes

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