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Have a Sweet Treat With the Second Kirby Paldolce Collection

Bandai Spirits shall be releasing a brand new Kirby determine assortment at arcade sport facilities all throughout Japan beginning March 26, 2020. The Kirby Paldolce Collection Volume 2 is a candy little assortment that can function Kirby and his buddy, Waddle Dee, posed on varied muffins and sweets. These aren’t massive figures; they’re really palm-size collectibles and shall be restricted to arcades for now. Furthermore, the gathering will stay in arcades till April 3, 2020. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Kirby and Waddle Dee will measure in at about 7cm, or roughly 2.75 inches tall. Kirby’s new assortment will embody a complete of three palm-sized collectible figurines. One has Kirby on high of a warp star-shaped slice of cheesecake. The second has Kirby on high of a chocolate deal with. Finally, the third has Waddle Dee on high of a cupcake with a Kirby cookie. 

Here’s a take a look at these deliciously cute collectible figurines!

Have a Sweet Treat With the Second Kirby Paldolce Collection

Have a Sweet Treat With the Second Kirby Paldolce Collection

The first Paldolce assortment featured solely Kirby and consisted of three figures. In one, he was perched upon an apple. Another had him with a Whispy Woods-shaped bowl of Japanese pudding. Finally, the third had Kirby balancing on a tall stack of pancakes, full with dripping syrup. It was later launched worldwide in a $29.99 Banpresto box.

The Kirby Paldolce Collection Volume 2 will launch on March 26, 2020. You can examine the official page here.

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