Home Nintendo US: Nintendo donates 9,500 face masks to the emergency services

US: Nintendo donates 9,500 face masks to the emergency services

US: Nintendo donates 9,500 face masks to the emergency services

Nintendo of America has helped US well being employees and sufferers by donating 9,500 extremely requested N95 Particulate Respirator face masks. The firm stated that that they had them for emergency preparedness planning however conceded that they have been finest used to assist the well being employees with the dreadful coronavirus pandemic in America and the remainder of the world. The N95 Particulate Respirator masks have been donated to emergency providers in North Bend, Washington.

“This crisis is unprecedented. The safety and security of community members is paramount in our daily mission. The communities served by City of North Bend and Eastside Fire and Rescue deeply appreciate the generous donation from Nintendo.”

  • A assertion from the City of North Bend


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