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Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s item duping glitch patched out

Well, that didn’t take lengthy. A couple of days after the web found an exploit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that allowed everybody to clone gadgets, Nintendo has now gotten rid of the economy-busting glitch.

The upkeep patch went out for Animal Crossing in late March, and whereas it’s a small one, it has massive implications. According to the Japanese Nintendo support page chronicling patch notes — which we’ve translated by way of Google — the 1.1.1 replace “fixed a serious bug affecting game balance.”

That description is ambiguous, however data miners say the “serious bug” refers back to the merchandise duping glitch specifically. Popular movies showcasing the glitch additionally seem to have been taken down from YouTube.

The change is sensible. Previously, you possibly can replicate an merchandise just by rotating it, as long as you had a second participant to concurrently put the merchandise of their pocket. It was a easy exploit that allowed gamers to earn additional bells with little effort.

While this may be a bummer for some of us, it additionally speaks to Nintendo’s new-found responsiveness. This hopefully an indication that the most recent Animal Crossing will probably be well-supported with patches and updates. And apart from: You can nonetheless break the economic system by searching down tarantulas en-masse!

Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s item duping glitch patched out

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is “a much-needed escape from everything,” in line with our evaluation.

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