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Half-Life: Alyx launched with a secret non-VR mode for developers

If you wish to play Half-Life: Alyx with out VR, Valve is assured there’ll be a mod for that – maybe that confidence stems partly from the truth that the builders already had a non-VR mode up and operating within the recreation. It’s damaged, it’s janky, and it’s positively not the best way to play Half-Life: Alyx, but it surely shipped within the launch model of the sport.

It appears Valve had a debug mode for Alyx which might permit devs to maneuver by means of the sport’s environments with out strapping on a headset. Now that the sport is reside and dataminers have had their day, they’ve unearthed a set of launch parameters and console instructions to get that mode up and operating at dwelling.

Valve has already patched the debug mode out of the sport, although it’s nonetheless attainable to obtain outdated variations of Alyx due to Steam’s depot downloader – you may get directions on the best way to use that on Reddit, and knowledge on the particular launch parameters from indie dev Casey Billadeau on Twitter.

Tyler McVicker of Valve News Network has been taking part in with the debug mode on stream as we speak, and has discovered some console instructions that make the expertise barely extra full – like one which makes VR arms seem in place, so you possibly can press buttons and progress by means of a few of the puzzles.

It seems that the sport’s largely playable on this mode, although parts just like the Gravity Gloves look like damaged. It’s completely not the proper solution to play Alyx, although with a legion of rabid Half-Life followers on the lookout for a solution to play with out a VR headset, I’m certain we’ll see somebody try to run by means of the sport like this quickly sufficient.

cant consider this works what the precise hell pic.twitter.com/eEfRUxg4tQ

— Casey Billadeau (@caseytube) March 25, 2020

Check out our Half-Life: Alyx evaluation to seek out out why it stands out amongst different VR video games. Valve continues to be proper that the enjoyable components of Alyx “couldn’t probably” work in a non-VR recreation, and curious followers have seemingly already gotten spoilers on the main points of the Half-Life: Alyx ending. Either means, it appears just like the work of modders is simply starting.

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