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Predator: Hunting Grounds details this weekend’s free trial

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Anyone wanting ahead to Illfonic’s Predator: Hunting Grounds could have the chance to dive deep into the jungle and face off in opposition to the galaxy’s best hunter this weekend, with a free trial going live on PS4 and PC from March 27 to March 29.

The developer has launched two new trailers, that includes the 2 sides of the hunt gamers would possibly discover themselves on whereas engaged in Hunting Grounds‘ uneven multiplayer gameplay. Some video games will see you play as a member of an elite Fireteam, who should full a number of aims as a way to escape the jungle with their pores and skin nonetheless hooked up to their our bodies, whereas different video games will see you don the masks and shoulder cannon of the fearsome Predator itself.

The motion takes place within the coronary heart of the fictional South American jungle Overgrowth. In sweltering warmth, with bushes and greenery so far as the attention can see, the Fireteam should full a number of missions to chop the legs off of a harmful mercenary group, Project Stargazer, then return to your helicopter and elevate out of the hazard zone. If coping with the heat-seeking Predator wasn’t sufficient of a problem, Stargazer has additionally deployed a few of its elite troopers to hamper your efforts. In Overgrowth, hazard lurks each on the bottom and up within the bushes, so keep frosty, soldier.

As the Predator, the numbers shall be in opposition to you, with each the Fireteam and Stargazer out to to your gooey inexperienced blood. You will, nevertheless, have entry to an arsenal of high-tech weaponry and lethal talents. The Predator’s traditional shoulder-cannon and wrist-blades are in full impact, as are its infra-red imaginative and prescient and cloaking abilities. There are three distinct lessons of Predator, accessible in each female and male type. As gamers degree up, they may unlock additional weapons and abilities, slowly changing into the only most harmful entity on this planet and past.

If you wish to check out Predator: Hunting Grounds for your self, then merely obtain the sport shopper and you will get in on the motion all weekend, free-of-charge. Predator: Hunting Grounds launches on PS4 and PC by way of Epic Games Store April 24.

Predator: Hunting Grounds — Trial Weekend Overview [PlayStation Blog]

Predator: Hunting Grounds details this weekend's free trial

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