Home News This Doomguy and Isabelle video is gut-rippin' gold

This Doomguy and Isabelle video is gut-rippin’ gold

This Doomguy and Isabelle video is gut-rippin' gold

Even earlier than their shared launch date rolled round, Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing followers have been wishing each other the perfect of luck on the arrival of their extraordinarily reverse video games. It’s foolish. It’s lovely. It’s like that anime trope the place the massive, scary wanting character is definitely a softie and their lovely and dainty finest buddy secretly has a murderous mood. Doomguy and Isabelle are persevering with their friendship post-launch on this fan video that’s truthfully precisely what I wanted proper now.

“TheDashingDoctorK” uploaded this Source Filmmaker video yesterday wherein Isabelle visits her finest buddy in hell. Allegedly that is what she’s been as much as whereas ready for all our not-so-deserted islands to have a job posting prepared for her. As a primary time Animal Crossing participant, I’m itching to fulfill Isabelle however I’ll forgive her for taking a detour to assist out her buddy.

I’ll admit they’d me within the first half when Doomguy simply says “RIP.” Can we additionally simply take a second to understand how slick this animation is? I imply take a look at Isabelle pull off that wild Doomguy dismount, sliding down one shoulder and again round. Plus Isabelle’s little bell noises are simply lovely. The timing of the music is so satisfying additionally. Seriously, that is what I wanted to start out my day with.

Over on Twitter, TheDashingDoctorK says “I know the novelty of this pairing has come and gone but I’ve really been enjoying both games while I’m locked in my house.” The novelty could also be gone however the pleasure completely is just not. I, for one, will experience or die this pretend friendship into the bottom even whereas the remainder of you progress on to some new web joke.

This isn’t the primary time that TDDK has animated Isabelle both. About a 12 months in the past they posted this extraordinarily prescient animation.

Isabelle has been coaching to tear and tear for months.

Back on the island, gamers are making PC sport impressed Animal Crossing outfits together with a minimum of one Doom tribute. Elsewhere in hell, Matt says in his Doom Eternal evaluation that “I’ve danced the bloody ballets of hell and beyond, and I’ve returned to tell you: they are dazzling.” Please inform Isabelle to come back again dwelling too, Matt.

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