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Have you played… Hades?

Have you played… Hades?

Wielding the almighty Heart-Seeking Bow, Coronacht, I weave with godlike alacrity between the attacks of my foes, line up the shot, release at just the right moment, and – pop! – they dissolve with a sigh back into the underworld from whence they came. I’m clearing out rooms in record-breaking time, and it’s a good thing too, because the infernal contract I signed with my father, Lord Hades, means if I spend too long in any particular region of the underworld then there will be swift and painful consequences.

And then I dash into another flame-filled area of Asphodel, and I’m halted in my tracks. Any notion of haste falls out of my mind. Because there is Eurydice in her chambers, singing her beautiful, haunting song. And, like every other time I’ve come across this particular room in Hades, I stay still and listen until the song is over before continuing in my quest to escape. I don’t want her to think I’m being rude, after all.

That’s what Supergiant Games have done with Hades. They’ve long-since earned their place at the very top of the list of developers whose games I will forever buy and play on day one, but even I was blown away at their ability to inject a hack-and-slash roguelite, of all things, with just as much character, wit, beauty, charm, imagination, and emotion as any of their more linear and conspicuously story-driven games. Just like Pyre, Transistor, and Bastion, I care about the characters in Hades. It kind of makes me glad they’re all already dead, because there’s no chance of them being ripped away from me… Right? RIGHT?!

Have you played… Hades?

That extra Supergiant-ness is what makes Hades the best roguelite I’ve ever played. But even without all of that, without the stellar soundtrack, the layers upon layers of unintrusive worldbuilding and character arcs, the unbelievable handcrafted art of Jen Zee permeating every moment of your journey – it would still be one of the most enjoyable games I played in 2019. Everything is slick and fast-paced, and there’s so much content in the different weapons, the enemies, the regions of the underworld, the boons you receive from other gods, the upgrades for said weapons… I bought Hades over a year ago and I still play it pretty regularly. I’m at the point of beating the game with almost every run, and yet it still routinely surprises me with the offerings and adversaries it plonks along my path each time I venture out into the ever-shifting underworld in search of– actually, I won’t spoil it. That’s for you to discover.

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The Helltaker Characters Make the Game

People who have been lurking around social media or browsing Steam might have noticed an indie suddenly making a name for itself. Helltaker has been growing in notoriety, partially because the Lukasz Piskorz title has some tight puzzles that really make you think. But another big part of it comes down to the heart of the game. Namely, the Helltaker characters are all pretty lovable, and even the general purpose of the game leads to a refreshingly positive harem.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Will Launch in Japan on August 27, 2020

The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Japan debut has been dated. People in that region will be able to begin gathering myrrh on August 27, 2020. The Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions will each cost 4,800円 (~$45), while the Android and Apple iOS versions will be 2,820円 (~$26). [Thanks, Resetera!]

Kyoto Animation Arsonist Formally Arrested After Nearly a Year of Complications

Shinji Aoba, the Kyoto Animation arsonist responsible for the deaths of 36 animation professionals, is finally being arrested. The attack took place in July 2019 and, due to a variety of factors, Japanese law enforcement has been unable to formally arrest Aoba. Nearly a year later, those issues are ostensibly smoothed out and an arrest has been made. The issues getting in the way were a combination of Japanese law, medical recovery on Aoba’s part, and the COVID-19 pandemic. This news was reported over at Yahoo! Japan and translated by multiple news outlets [thanks, SoraNews24!].

Final Fantasy VII Remake Soundtrack Is Officially Out and Digitally Available

Square Enix has really opened the floodgates on its music catalog lately. May 27, 2020 is the official release date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack, and the physical Special Edit Version for sale on the Square Enix store is already on waitlist. However, if you aren’t willing to wait for a physical version to become available again, Square Enix has also dropped the multi-disc album on multiple digital music marketplaces. You can get the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack on the Amazon Music store, the Google Play store, and iTunes. It’s also available to stream if you have an Apple Music subscription. Spotify is left out here, but newer soundtracks typically show up there after some time has passed.

Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation’s Nagisa Has Made Her Debut in the English Version

Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation‘s English version just added Misaki’s older sister, Nagisa. While Nagisa cares a lot about her younger sister, she can be a bit overprotective at times and she certainly shows that side to the Owner.