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Dungeon crawler Going Under lets you beat up tech-startup goons

An office space roguelite, if you will

When I think of “dungeon crawlers,” I tend to picture very specific imagery – and Going Under, a “satirical dungeon crawler about exploring the cursed ruins of failed tech startups,” isn’t it. It’s darling as hell!

The creator, Aggro Crab, struck gold with the game’s premise. “Failed businesses no longer just cease to exist – they sink beneath the earth, and their employees are cursed to wander the halls for eternity as monsters. It’s your duty to put these monsters out of their misery and repossess their assets.”

We’re going to face “failed startups themed off of gig workers, dating sites, and cryptocurrency.”

There’s a gif on the Steam page for Going Under that shows the protagonist, an unpaid intern, jabbing a goblin boy in the head with a broom. I can’t stop watching it. The thwacks are so satisfying.

I’m also partial to the dodge-heavy boss battles and the notion that you can pick up skills on your dungeon runs, use them a bunch, and get them “endorsed” so you can equip them from the get-go.

Going Under is heading to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in September with assistance from Team17. There’s a demo on Steam right now if you’re raring to go; otherwise, let’s keep tabs on this.

Dungeon crawler Going Under lets you beat up tech-startup goons

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