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Valorant guide: How to play as Jett

Jett is a Duelist and is one of Valorant’s most difficult characters. She has an ability that lets her dash in any direction and another that gives her an extra high jump to reach places on the map that few other Agents can. But she can do more than get around quickly. She also has a smoke screen that she can put down to cut off the enemy’s vision, and an Ultimate ability that’s as deadly as any weapon in the game.

Here are all of Jett’s abilities and a few tricks on how to use them.

Ability: Cloudburst

Valorant guide: How to play as Jett
Jett’s Cloudburst ability
Image: Riot Games via Polygon

Throw out a cloud of fog that obscures vision on impact. Hold down the ability button to bend the cloud’s in-flight trajectory.


  • These are very small smoke clouds, but they’re great for preventing an opponent from watching a specific angle. Because you can bend the clouds, try to obscure that area from around a corner or somewhere else that’s safe.
  • In the absolute worst case scenario, you can throw one of these directly on an enemy to obscure their vision.

Ability: Updraft

Valorant guide: How to play as Jett
Jett high above the map using her Updraft and Tailwind abilities
Image: Riot Games via Polygon

After a brief wind up, propel yourself upwards.


  • This ability is one of the few ways in Valorant to get up to high places. If you see two big boxes stacked on top of each other, try using this ability to jump on top of them. From here, you can catch enemies off-guard who might not have expected your position since so few characters in the game can reach it.
  • When you launch into the air with this ability your shots won’t be accurate, even if you’re using Jett’s hover ability as well. You shouldn’t use this to try to get a clean shot off, as enemies will be able to shoot you much easier than you can shoot them.
  • Jett also has the ability to hover if you hold jump while you’re in the air. When she’s hovering she’ll fall very slowly, but won’t be able to shoot accurately.

Signature Ability: Tailwind

Immediately dash a short distance in the direction you’re moving.


  • This ability is excellent for getting out of situations in a hurry. You can peek an angle, see exactly how many enemies are around the corner, then dash backwards in an instant before they can shoot you.
  • Tailwind will move in whatever direction you’re holding when you activate the ability. This includes forward and backward and side-to-side, as well as diagonally.
  • Be careful rushing forward into a fight with this ability, once you finish your dash, you’ll need to pull your weapon back out, which takes quite a while. While you’re doing that, you will be vulnerable to enemies with no way to defend yourself.
  • This ability will refresh if Jett gets two kills after she uses it.

Ultimate Ability: Blade Storm

Valorant guide: How to play as Jett
Jett’s Blade Storm ability
Image: Riot Games via Polygon

Arm yourself with several deadly throwing knives that deal moderate damage and kill on headshots. Scoring a kill restores all daggers. Left click throws a single dagger. Right click throws all remaining daggers in a short-ranged burst.


  • Unlike guns, this ability is always pinpoint accurate in single fire, so you can use Jett’s Updraft ability to jump into the air, then hover and fire your daggers without fear of them missing their mark.
  • Blade Storm’s daggers also draw quicker than a gun when you dash forward, so you can dash into an enemy, use right click to throw all your daggers at once, thus killing them and refreshing your knives.
  • Blade Storm lasts as long as you want during a round, so you can use it as a replacement for a weapon if you’re in a pinch and trying to save Creds. Just activate it and use it like you would a normal weapon, but remember if you don’t get a kill and run out of daggers, you’ll be stuck with your pistol.

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