Home Trailers Chex Quest HD coming to balance your breakfast this summer

Chex Quest HD coming to balance your breakfast this summer

Cereal Killer

Flight School Studios has announced that Chex Quest HD – a remake of the 1996 “non-violent-first-person-shooter” Chex Quest – will launch on PC via Steam this summer. In keeping with its novelty theme, Chex Quest HD will be a free-to-play title.

The original Chex Quest was released as a prize hidden inside packs of the crunchy cereal. Having officially licensed a copy of the Doom source code from id Software, developers Dean Hyers and Mike Koenigs set about creating a virtual re-skin, replacing Doom‘s violent content with cereal-based alien battles. You can see a brief teaser below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Players will be able to choose from one of six members of the Chex Mix Squadron, (LOOK AT THEM!!), and take on the Flemoid menace in five levels of single-player and split-screen multiplayer action. The video below shows a brief work-in-progress build of the silly game in action. Chex out.

Chex Quest HD launches this summer as a free-to-play PC title.

Chex Quest HD launches this summer, is free-to-play [Gematsu]

Chex Quest HD coming to balance your breakfast this summer

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