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Fallout 76 Update 19 Nerfs Communism Bot's Zest For Life – PSLifeStyle

A weblog put up from Bethesda prior to now few days made point out that an update to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Fallout 76 battle royale mode Nuclear Winter was on the way. Little did we all know that right now could be that day, as Update 19 makes its way to all versions of the game and brings much more than simply cattle prods and good occasions in squads of three. While the main highlights embody ally customization, seasonal occasions, and crafting upgrades, there’s just one actual change that must be famous. If you remember our reporting as of late on everyone’s dear comrade Communism Bot, then you definately’ll be unhappy to know that his work for the Proletariat is now that rather more troublesome, with the patch notes stating “Collectron Station: The Communist Collectron will now find Propaganda Flyers less often while scavenging.” The Bourgeoisie has received. Communism is quelled.

Regardless, right here’s another main modifications making it into this 8GB (for PS4 customers, 10GB for Xbox One) replace for Fallout 76.

Update 19 Highlights

  • Ally Customization: Give your Allies trendy new seems to be by sharing your wardrobe with them utilizing the brand new choice to customise their outfits.

  • Hunt for the Treasure Hunter: Mole Miners have found treasure within the Ash Heap! Starting May 21, hunt them down to say their loot for your self throughout a brand new limited-time occasion.

  • Fasnacht Parade: By widespread demand, this Seasonal Event is returning for a full week beginning May 25, and there are many new Fasnacht Masks up for grabs.

  • Item Naming Updates: We’ve made enhancements to the way in which your weapons and armors are mechanically named while you apply new mods and skins.

  • Backpack Updates: Changing your Backpack’s look is now so simple as making use of a pores and skin, and now you can apply them to Small Backpacks, too!

  • (NW) Limited Time Challenges: Unlock new beauty rewards by finishing limited-time Challenges in Nuclear Winter, from May 19 – June 11.

Backpack Appearance Updates

We’ve improved Backpack customization so as to now apply totally different appearances to your Backpacks as skins—no extra crafting required!

  • Head to an Armor Workbench and use the modify menu to swap the looks of your current Backpack with any skins you’ve unlocked by quests, occasions, or the Atomic Shop.

  • Skins can now be utilized to Small Backpacks, as properly for many who haven’t but unlocked the traditional Backpack Plan by finishing the “Order of the Tadpole” quest.

  • You can apply skins to your current Backpacks, in addition to any new ones you craft.

Nuclear Winter

Limited Time “Survivors” Challenges – Unlock Themed Cosmetics!
  • We’ve added 8 Nuclear Winter Challenges that you may full to earn new “Survivors” themed beauty rewards beginning right now, and lasting till 7:00 p.m. ET on June 11.

  • One new problem will seem within the Character Challenge menu every day till all Eight can be found, and they’ll stay accessible till the tip of the occasion.

  • You can earn the primary reward with 150 Overseer XP, and the final with 2,500 Overseer XP. All others will every require 2,000 Overseer XP.

  • Overseer XP you earn will roll over from one Challenge to the following, however they have to be accomplished one after the other and so as.

  • As you full every Challenge, you’ll be capable to declare new themed rewards, like new furnishings in your C.A.M.P., “Survivor’s Denim” and Ghillie Suit outfits, in addition to skins for Nuclear Winter’s latest weapons: The Bow, Cattle Prod, and Gauss Shotgun.

  • You can be taught extra about this occasion immediately from ZAX and preview the rewards by studying our newest ZAX Transmission article on Fallout.com.

New Items
  • New Weapons: The Bow, Cattle Prod, and Gauss Shotgun have been added and tuned for fight in Nuclear Winter matches. Find them in Supply Crates as you scavenge for gear.

There’s much more happening within the replace, together with a listing of bug fixes far too lengthy to place right here but can be checked out on the patch notes. Regardless, that is yet one more step in the best path for a recreation that has a lot floor to make up with reference to client good religion and fixing a damaged product.

But, nonetheless: Pour one out for Communism Bot. He was simply doing his job.

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