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If Found… is out now, letting you erase your diary at the end of the world

If Found... is out now, letting you erase your diary at the end of the world

I’ve not but performed If Found… however a number of of us on my Twitter timeline appear to be digging in and I often take that as a optimistic signal. It’s an interactive story sport that claims it’s about “going dwelling, popping out, and erasing all the things” when a woman named Kasio returns dwelling to Ireland in 1993.

The sport seems to unfold as you are taking an eraser to the typically lined and typically vibrant watercolor pages of Kaiso’s diary. It’s acquired a beautiful hand-drawn model and what seems like a soothing soundtrack as properly.

Dreamfeel say it’s additionally acquired “awkward crushes, the planet Jupiter, many kisses, a punk live performance, confusion, happiness, a cute canine, and a break in.” Which, yeah, sounds compelling sufficient if you take away the context. Also there’s a black gap threatening to finish the world?

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Philippa Warr performed a a lot earlier model at EGX Rezzed again in 2016 when its identify was only a bit longer. She already noticed promise in it, saying “it correctly sucked me in as this delicate, superbly structured factor, peculiarly tactile due to the combination of sketchy picture, zooming and erasing.”

There’s a really intimate and intimidating high quality to an outdated diary. There’s an individual you was in there and also you won’t like getting reacquainted with them. Perhaps I ought to go destroy my very own outdated diaries earlier than I take a torch to Kaiso’s.

You can discover If Found… over on Steam for  £10.29/€ 10.79/$ 12.99.

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