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Destiny 2 quest for Felwinter’s Lie is fixed, and an easy way to get a great PvP shotgun

Destiny 2 quest for Felwinter's Lie is fixed, and an easy way to get a great PvP shotgun

After a bumpy journey with daft quantities of grind and a halting bug, Destiny 2‘s newest quest, The Lie, will be accomplished. That’s the one the place our not-so-benevolent AI overlord, Rasputin, needed us to grind Seraph Towers and shotgun kills. The closing step brings a brand new little bit of story, which is kind of good, and a brand new shotgun you actually may need should you play PvP. Aggressive-type shotguns are superhot in the intervening time, and Bungie are right here providing everybody a straightforward (albeit grindy) technique to get a assured good one, Felwinter’s Lie.

The Lie began final Tuesday with a mammoth communal aim to grind Seraph Towers, the seasonal exercise about defending zones to cost Rasputin’s satellite tv for pc launches. The Towers being a bit boring by now and troublesome to finish with whichever random pubbies occur to move by, the aim was trying like unlikely to get hit this season. So Bungie whammed on an enormous multiplier and it was accomplished on Sunday. Soon after, we found the ultimate step of quest was bugged and wouldn’t begin. So! Finally, on Thursday night time, Bungie mounted that in a diddy hotfix. You can now full the search and declare its reward, Felwinter’s Lie.

I received’t discuss a lot concerning the story stuff as a result of it’s good to see for your self. I’m certain you will discover movies on YouTube should you wanna watch. I’ll say I’m upset that we’re persevering with to disregard the upcoming extinction occasion of a miles-long spaceship crashing into Earth, and with simply over a fortnight left within the season to resolve this. But it’s a pleasant little storybit in itself, certain.

Felwinter’s Lie, that I’ll speak about. It’s a Legendary photo voltaic shotgun of the Aggressive body selection, and comes as a set roll with a selection of nice perks. Two Aggressives are the new PvP shotguns this season, Astral Horizon and Mindbender’s Ambition, however you’ll doubtless have to win so much in Trials Of Osiris or grind loads of Nightfalls to get an amazing one. Felwinter’s Lie comes mounted with Full Choke, Accurized Rounds, a Range Masterwork, a selection of Slideshot or Quickdraw, and a selection of Opening Shot or Vorpal Weapon. Very good. It additionally has a singular trait, Shot Package, which provides its unfold a reasonably constant sample. You can quibble a bit over potential and perk preferences, nevertheless it’s undeniably a improbable PvP shotgun – and simple for anybody to get.

You do have to get 1000 shotgun kills for the search, which is a chore however not troublesome. Just slap shotgun ammo finder and scavenger mods in your armour, then go play no matter common PvE you need armed with a kinetic shotgun, an power shotgun, and Tractor Cannon or Legend Of Acrius in your energy slot – you’ll be effective. Or you are able to do it in PvP, the place every shotgun kill is price six. It’s uncommon for excellent PvP gear to be really easy to come back by.

I hope Bungie contemplate placing top-tier weapons behind quests like this extra. With their plans to place limits on how lengthy most weapons will be upgraded to the Power cap, they must be extra beneficiant in handing out the great things. The present grind can’t proceed if weapons shall be on a timer to turn out to be much less helpful. I’m additionally in favour of meta-defining weapon sorts being simpler for anybody to get. I’m cautiously hopeful about ‘sunsetting’ giving Bungie more room to create highly effective and fascinating weapons understanding they’ll’t trigger everlasting issues. Just please, don’t destroy Titan.

Do word that Power degree doesn’t matter in loads of Destiny. Felwinter’s Lie will preserve being nice for normal PvP till weapon steadiness shifts. After a 12 months its Power cap may begin to drag you down in Iron Banner or Trials, however meaning nothing in plain outdated Crucible.

Speaking of the long run, the most recent This Week At Bungie post reveals the World loot pool for Season 11, with a complete lot of weapons phasing out and a few oldies coming again. They’re additionally making an attempt to make extra gun perks viable by nerfing the ever-popular perks which pace up reloads and buffing some rubbo perks, like Hipfire Grip and Pulse Monitor. They additionally element buffs for slug shotguns and bows in PvE and high-impact pulse rifles in PvP. Sounds like Aggressive hand cannons may get some love too. Adaptive autos may get introduced extra in keeping with different autos, although.

Help preserve observe of future plans, I used to be lately pointed to the Destiny roadmap on Blueberries.gg, which retains observe of Bungie’s statements and places them right into a calendar. That’s dead helpful.

Oh! Be cautious to not by chance dismantle Felwinter’s Lie. Bungie warn which you could’t at the moment pull a brand new one from Collections, which shall be mounted in a future replace.

Here’s famous theorycrafter “Fallout” with some Felwinter’s Lie evaluation and motion:

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