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Did World of Warcraft’s most infamous horse go to hell? We investigate

All canine go to heaven, however what about horses? World of Warcraft: Shadowlands conjures up sophisticated non secular questions like this one due to its setting, which is the place all souls go after they die. Here, not solely are all of Warcraft’s myths and religions true, followers can even get to satisfy previous characters — like Arthas, the Lich King.

Based on current lore, we all know that the Lich King resides in a selected Shadowland that gamers can be visiting through the enlargement. Arthas didn’t develop into evil by his lonesome; he had a useful steed by his facet whereas he was alive. But what occurs to that very same horse when the Lich King is banished to hell?

From the horse’s mouth

In order to find out the reply to this query, we should first perceive all the knowledge accessible. Arthas was a Disney-style prince of the dominion of Lordaeron. When the dominion was attacked by waves of undead zombies, Arthas determined he would do something to avoid wasting his folks. Ironically, that devotion led him to taking over the cursed blade Frostmourne, which devoured his soul. He then grew to become the evil Lich King and led the armies of undead in an try to overcome the world.

Just as a result of Arthas had develop into a soulless monster didn’t imply he was utterly heartless. One of his first acts after changing into the Lich King was to go discover his childhood horse, Invincible, who had died in a driving accident. The Lich King then turned Invincible right into a zombie horse.

The ebook Arthas: Rise of the Lich King exhibits Invincible recognizing his grasp and displaying immense love and loyalty in direction of him. That’s not a excessive degree of sentience, however it’s there. In addition, we all know that mortal creatures like deer and bears go to the Shadowlands; they’ve souls which can be was anima and processed via the realm of the Night Fae. If a bear or deer has a soul, a horse ought to have a soul as nicely. That appears to be a check of fundamental sentience and idea of thoughts that Invincible would certainly go, even in his reanimated zombie type.

Players can get hold of Invincible as a mount from the Arthas struggle in Icecrown Citadel, which means that the horse stays alive. But how might hundreds of gamers be driving the identical horse? That have to be a non-canon consequence. Given that, we must always assume that the actual Invincible perished alongside along with his grasp.

So, did that horse’s soul go to hell together with the Lich King?

Did World of Warcraft’s most infamous horse go to hell? We investigate
This is likely one of the higher hells you get to expertise within the Shadowlands.
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

A trial for the evil horse

There seem like two strategies by which a soul can go to The Maw in World of Warcraft, which is basically the worst potential hell. We know that Arthas Menethil, the Lich King, is at present within the Maw — and we additionally know that the Maw can be an end-game zone in Shadowlands. You get despatched to the Maw through two methods:

  1. You do actually dangerous issues — be absolutely the worst of the worst, the Mussolini of Azeroth
  2. There’s an alternate route that appears to be unlocked by being raised by Frostmourne

In the short story Edge of Night, we see the Maw from the attitude of Sylvanas Windrunner, the elven basic who was killed and was a banshee by Arthas. At the tip of the Wrath of the Lich King enlargement, she considers her mission of revenge completed: she killed Arthas. Having accomplished mentioned mission, she commits suicide, assured that she’ll get her good afterlife. Instead, she briefly goes to mega hell earlier than getting saved and introduced again to life.

In the Maw, she finds Arthas Menethil, who’s within the Maw as a result of he did an entire lot of objectively dangerous issues. But right here’s the factor: when Arthas was nonetheless within the land of the dwelling, Invincible was additionally there, doing all of that dangerous stuff proper alongside Arthas.

Consider some issues that Arthas did with the implicit help of Invincible.

  1. Killed the remaining paladins of the Silver Hand to steal the ashes of a dead king
  2. Stormed the dominion of Quel’Thalas to commit an entire genocide so Arthas might use their magic juice pool to ressurect a necromancer
  3. Like, 50 different struggle crimes on the journey all the way down to Lordaeron after which as much as Northrend over the course of Warcraft 3
Did World of Warcraft’s most infamous horse go to hell? We investigate
Pictured: the second the place Arthas made his first actually dangerous selection

Invincible comes up frequently all through the course of Rise of the Lich King. His bond with Arthas stays very shut, and it’s clear that he’s greater than only a car. He pushes onwards via rivers, chases down elves, and tramples survivors underneath his hooves.

If Arthas is in Hell on account of his actions, would Invincible not observe the identical guidelines? Or does the horse want precise company in these acts to be implicated? If Invincible had any thought of what he was doing, he would certainly go straight to hell.

It will be argued that Invincible does these acts purely out of affection for Arthas; at one level, he takes a mortal blow for his rider, and afterward, he gleefully prances round Arthas subsequent to piles of corpses. But does Invincible perceive what he has wrought? How is morality weighed for a horse? Surely bears don’t go to hell for consuming deer, however what a couple of horse who simply helped kill, like, fifty thousand folks? It’s additionally unclear whether or not Invincible might have earned his spot in a form of horse valhalla for superb boys based mostly off of his restricted company and intelligence, or if there’s a 3rd choice, like a Horse Limbo.

Another wrinkle: What if we assume that Arthas is an unreliable narrator? Golden writes Arthas as typically feeling responsible and indignant about his actions, whilst he commits them. In his formative years, he by chance killed Invincible and likewise broke the center of his fairly ex-girlfriend. Then after turning evil, he stabbed his dad and did an entire lot of struggle crimes. The narration persistently has Arthas brooding on this stuff, describing his suffocating emotions of guilt, concern, and anger. The solely factor that’s persistently written as a vivid spot in his life is Invincible.

What if Arthas is projecting all of Invincible’s loving, humanizing qualities onto the horse? What if Invincible really is only a shambling car of bone and magic, and Arthas is simply studying approach an excessive amount of into these jerky actions? I personally have been able to such illogical folly; I’ve checked out my fats cat Bongo and surmised that he’s feeling advanced human feelings like “jealousy” after he destroyed a novelty bobblehead I loved holding on my desk.

Did World of Warcraft’s most infamous horse go to hell? We investigate
“I can be the ONLY big-headed baby in this apartment.” — Bongo, most likely
Photo: Cass Marshall

What if Arthas is doing the identical? What if Invincible is a magic phantasm trapped in a horse, pressured to do horrible issues, with no capability to understand their terribleness?

Invincible may simply be in hell regardless. Recall that Sylvanas was within the Maw. When Arthas first killed her, she felt like she had a ticket to elf heaven. When she died a second time, she went straight to hell … though she had by no means completed something that might justify going to the Maw. Even for those who assume she orchestrated the Wrathgate throughout Wrath of the Lich King — which is feasible, based on Blizzard — she’s nonetheless too heroic for mega hell. I imply, Kael’thas received to go to one of many higher vampire-themed hells, the one the place you get tortured till you earn redemption. In phrases of whole villainy, Kael’thas was most likely leagues forward of Sylvanas by way of physique depend and betrayal.

So, that leaves us with one chance, and it’s one which Sylvanas suspects however hasn’t confirmed. You go to the Maw for those who had been raised into undeath by Frostmourne, no matter your prior life. That consists of Invincible.

This raises much more questions, and I hope the Shadowlands enlargement solutions them. Is there a selected hell for horses, or do they go to the identical hell as everybody else? Will we see different well-known horses who’ve handed away in World of Warcraft, like Ol’ Blanchy? Is Invincible conscious of the total weight of his horrific actions? And does he remorse them? I eagerly await the inevitable solutions to those urgent questions.

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