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Here are eight seconds of gameplay from Half-Life 2: Episode 4 – Return to Ravenholm

Episode Three and Half-Life 3 are usually not the one thriller Half-Life initiatives which were misplaced to time. After the discharge of Episode 2, Valve was working with Arkane Studios – the dev behind titles starting from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic to Dishonored – on a fourth episodic Half-Life 2 enlargement, titled Return to Ravenholm. Today, in 2020, we lastly have gameplay footage of that cancelled launch.

The footage comes courtesy of documentary collection NoClip, which can run a full program on the historical past of Arkane subsequent week. NoClip has been selling the discharge with a collection of clips and pictures from video games that shall be lined – as we speak, that’s Half-Life 2: Episode 4. The transient clip exhibits a participant standing off with a zombie, which rips a door off its hinges earlier than being dispatched by a pistol melee assault.

It’s clearly a Source Engine recreation constructed on Half-Life 2, although the standard zombie enemy, its interplay with the door, and the melee assault are all new additions over the earlier expansions.

Check out the transient footage beneath – the primary picture seems to be from LMNO, a cancelled collaboration with Steven Spielberg, so it appears like loads of Arkane mysteries are quickly to be solved.

(5/7) pic.twitter.com/dCDRD3x71y

— Noclip (@noclipvideo) May 21, 2020

Former Valve Writer Marc Laidlaw confirmed years in the past that Valve was working with Arkane on a venture known as Return to Ravenholm – which had beforehand surfaced beneath the ‘Episode 4’ banner on the resumes of Arkane workers. Laidlaw instructed Half-Life fansite LambdaGeneration that the venture was finally deserted as a result of the setting was “just about performed out”, and the need of utilizing a prequel to return to Ravenholm had proved an excessive amount of of a “inventive constraint”.

We’re prone to hear extra on what Return to Ravenholm would’ve regarded like when the NoClip documentary premieres subsequent week.

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