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Maneater review: It’s like Ecco the Dolphin, but you do murders

Hello, I’m Shark.

I used to be minimize from my mom’s womb by a shark hunter on a actuality tv present a few years in the past. He stabbed me. I ate his hand. I’ve been instructed that is my Motive, that I search revenge.

Sure. Maybe. But if I’m being actual with you, I simply wish to eat. I don’t want Motive. I’m Shark.

I at all times wish to eat. Fish. Seals. Dolphins. Other sharks. And, in fact, folks.

One day, I ate a girl in a lab coat carrying a journal marked “Science.” The journal mentioned sharks hardly ever eat folks. I discovered that journals are boring, and add nothing to the flavour of individuals. I eat folks, and individuals are good to eat.

I wake in my grotto every morning and start my every day cycle. I eat, develop, evolve, discover new areas with recent meat so I can repeat that cycle, after which I do all of it once more. This cycle has been good to me.

Maneater review: It’s like Ecco the Dolphin, but you do murders Image: Tripwire Interactive

As a child shark, I might barely eat a turtle, not to mention leap into the air. But the extra I ate, the extra I grew, the extra I might do, and the extra locations I might go to. Bayous! Resorts! The Gulf! I’m large, and but, the world is greater. I’m Shark, sure, however I’m additionally introspective.

Soon I turned a teen. I might bounce 15 toes via the air, catch a grouper in my maw, and swat my tail into puny people, sending them on a free trip into the horizon. This was a clumsy time for me. On one fin, I used to be consuming extra folks than ever. On the opposite fin, I used to be nonetheless too small to go in every single place I’d like.

I’m now an Elder shark, and I’m going anyplace and in every single place. I’m so very massive, just like the shark in 2018’s shock field workplace success, The Meg. After a day of gnashing and noshing, I return to my grotto to enhance myself, each figuratively and actually. Rest is vital. And so is upgrading. My jaw will electrocute a faculty of mahi mahi with a single chomp. My fin now turns to stone and cuts via sailboats like a sword via a sheet of paper. My tail releases poison.

Maneater review: It’s like Ecco the Dolphin, but you do murders Image: Tripwire Interactive

All in all, life within the waters is nice nowadays. I swim with the grace of a dolphin and the velocity of a cheetah. However, on the subject of attacking fish and people and itty-bitty child seals, I’ll confess I’m fairly clumsy. It might be fairly annoying at instances for me to lock onto my prey. I’m unrefined, however that’s OK, as a result of if I hold chomping and chewing, nothing will survive my urge for food.

When I do get ahold of my targets, they squirm and wiggle. Often that is humorous, like I’m pulverizing crash check dummies. But often I take away a leg or an arm from a human, and so they cry for assist, hobbling away towards what they hope is security. Even for me, Shark, that is an excessive amount of. I desire to eat people after they appear to be cartoon characters, not victims in an ICU.

This is how all sharks reside, sure?

Frankly, I have no idea. The few sharks I’ve met, I ate for his or her treasured meat. You see, self-improvement requires self-reflection, but additionally a number of sources, like protein, fat, and minerals. The waters are fortuitously thick with fish and flesh, so I’m by no means for need.

I like menial duties. Each day, I search for large license plates floating within the air above the water or hiding in bioluminescent caves. This offers me goal. As does the voice in my head. It tells me to eat 10 fish in a sure soiled cove, so I eat the fish. The voice says to eat 15 folks exterior a condominium, so positive, why not. I used to be going to eat folks anyway.

Maneater review: It’s like Ecco the Dolphin, but you do murders Image: Tripwire Interactive

Every so usually I discover the path of this voice a bit crass, like when it tells me to eat homeless folks, and I say, “Really? Haven’t they been through enough? That is biting down.”

But for essentially the most half, the voice has a very good humorousness about what I ought to and shouldn’t devour. Mostly, the opposite fish and the human international elite.

The voice in my head by no means tires of issues for me to do, and whereas most of them lack problem, they hold me swimming. If I get uninterested in consuming nonetheless many sea turtles the voice asks of me, I can at all times go seeking landmarks or deal with self-improvement. So many upgrades, so little time.

I confess to you that after I, Shark, take a look at my damaged reflection within the deserted submarine in my grotto, I ponder what kind of ebook would seize my life. Does this make me a narcissist? I feel it’s a revenge fantasy. Not towards the shark hunter who killed my mom. I’d by no means be so literal. I’m Shark, however I’m not void of tradition. No, my life story could be a revenge fantasy towards local weather change deniers, these individuals who destroy my house by polluting it with oil and trash. They are why I enhance myself. So that I’ll higher destroy their ever-larger searching boats that puke smoke and gasoline.

Maneater review: It’s like Ecco the Dolphin, but you do murders Image: Tripwire Interactive

That jogs my memory: one time I ate a person carrying a ebook referred to as The World Without Us. I spent many hours in my grotto studying this ebook whereas eradicating his bones from my tooth. Did you understand that if people had been to vanish, nature would quickly reclaim the planet, restoring Gaia to its true state? This is why I eat.

Maybe that is my Motive?

It feels good to be a “thoughtless” creature of starvation and rage. You know these novelty rooms people go to, the place they placed on protecting gear and break stuff with baseball bats and sledgehammers. That is me, that’s my life.

Some people intend to intrude with my enjoyable. If I eat sufficient beachgoers and destroy sufficient of their cheesy boats, then a supposedly “talented” hunter is alerted to my whereabouts. But I’ll remind you that my tooth are made from lighting; my fin, of rock; and my tail, it spews poison. I can bounce 40 toes within the air, and bat a human physique like Mark McGwire within the shock house run bonanza of 1998. Hunters are playthings, not professional adversaries.

These people, they amuse me. They have lined the ground of my rivers and sea with references from the 1990s. I can’t think about how a lot they invested on these aquatic sculptures to field workplace bombs like Waterworld and Demolition Man. I don’t understand how they anticipate sharks like me to get obscure references to Roger and Me.

Maneater review: It’s like Ecco the Dolphin, but you do murders Image: Tripwire Interactive

But hey, I’m Shark. I’m no knowledgeable in these items. I go away artwork to the specialists till I can pursue Art History diploma through on-line programs.

Yes, I do know there’s a number of dangerous on this world, and sadly consuming people gained’t really repair that. So I deal with day-after-day like a squeeze toy or a fidget spinner. My life is one large distraction, and that’s OK. I’d go as far as to say my life is greatest after I hold issues easy. I’ve loads of fascinating locations to go to, issues to eat, and methods to enhance myself.

Yes, after I look upon the shores, I feel, “Oh dear, what a terrible time to be human.” Thank goodness I’m simply Shark. And I’m hungry.

Maneater shall be launched May 22 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC through the Epic Games Store, and Xbox One, and later this 12 months on Nintendo Switch. The recreation was reviewed on PC utilizing a remaining “retail” obtain code supplied by Tripwire Interactive. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These don’t affect editorial content material, although Vox Media could earn commissions for merchandise bought through affiliate hyperlinks. You can discover further details about Polygon’s ethics coverage right here.

Maneater review: It’s like Ecco the Dolphin, but you do murders


In Maneater, a “shaRkPG” from Tripwire Interactive, play as a shark that will get revenge on humanity by … consuming folks. Lots of people.

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