Home News Sea Of Thieves hits Steam's shores next month

Sea Of Thieves hits Steam’s shores next month

Sea Of Thieves hits Steam's shores next month

It’s been a protracted, arduous voyage by way of the storms of “being a Windows Store unique”, however lastly, Sea Of Thieves is making landfall on Steam’s shores. Rare’s pretty little piracy sandbox will drop anchor on June third, letting former Windows sailors carry their progress over to the brand new vessel with full cross-play between Steam, Windows and Xbox. With two years of updates beneath its belt, it’ll hopefully launch in a extra ship-shape state that its maiden voyage manner again when.

Two months after asserting the voyage, Sea Of Thieves is welcoming Steam’s scoundrels to the seven seas with a brand new trailer – backed by what I’m generously beginning to name “videogame trailer music”. You know the type I imply.

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Sea Of Thieves, when you’re unfamiliar, is a correct sensible little ocean sandbox. It’s not the deepest (hah!) sport on the market, nevertheless it’s a beautiful romp with the fitting associates – a luscious ocean full of eerie wrecks, swashbuckling felines, and the occasional flying galleon. Even when you’re not up for prime crusing on the seven seas, there are sufficient beautiful island vistas on the market to prop up an entire group of nautical photographers.

It’s additionally acquired one of the best deep blue I’ve seen in a sport thus far, making for some remarkably chill voyages – assuming your fellow pirates play good. They is not going to, in actual fact, play good.

In a fast little FAQ put collectively by the devs, it seems you’ll nonetheless be required to make use of a Windows Live account to play Sea Of Thieves. That does imply any progress made on the Windows Store model will carry over (although you’ll nonetheless be required to purchase the Steam model), and there’ll be full crossplay between Steam, Windows and Xbox gamers.

But my expertise of Windows accounts in Steam video games, particularly Halo: The Master Chief Collection, has been one in all irritating account-juggling and baffling inconsistencies between Steam and Windows. Naturally, YMMV.

But it’s a small frustration to pay for a few of the finest highs seas antics you’ll find on PC. Sea Of Thieves launches on Steam on July third for £35/€40/$40.

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