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The Division 2 Title Update 10 PTS patch notes – new exotics, gear sets, talents, weapon changes, more

The Division 2‘s received a meaty new replace on the way in which. Phase one among Title Update 10 hits the action-RPG sport’s PTS (Public Test Server) later at the moment for a spherical of tweaking and tinkering, and Ubisoft’s posted a fairly prolonged batch of notes on the brand new adjustments headed The Division 2’s manner quickly. The notes probably aren’t ultimate – however secure to say, it seems like there are some thrilling new exotics, gear units, skills, gameplay and weapon steadiness adjustments, PvP updates, and extra in retailer.

First up, these new Division 2 exotics and equipment units. There are 4 new tremendous uncommon goodies to maintain an eye fixed out for – an SRS sniper rifle (Mantis), masks (Vile), double barrel rifle (The Ravenous), and magnum revolver (Regulus) – and three new gear units. These are referred to as the Eclipse Protocol, Foundry Bulwark, and Future Initiative. You can check out these intimately within the notes under.

As for the brand new skills, once more there are 4 to take a look at, every with their very own nifty perks and results. The two weapon skills are Future Perfect and In Sync, and each have barely totally different skill-related bonuses.

The backpack expertise – Adrenaline Rush – (briefly) rewards you with bonus armour for getting actually near your enemies, whereas the chest expertise, referred to as Headhunter, provides you a fairly hefty weapon harm enhance for any headshots you rating.

Title Update 10 PTS Patch Notes are actually out there! The PTS will open up for PC gamers at the moment at 5:00 AM PT / 8:00 AM ET / 2:00 PM CEST. We’re trying ahead to your ideas & suggestions on TU10! https://t.co/Fxcr20eLLU pic.twitter.com/mN1IT758Nj

— The Division 2 (@TheDivisionRecreation) May 22, 2020

There are a lot extra adjustments to take a look at, so go check out the Division 2 Title Update 10 PTS patch notes for part one under (by way of Ubisoft). Again, keep in mind these may not be the ultimate variations of the adjustments you’ll see reside in-game afterward:

The Division 2 Update 10 New Exotics

SRS Sniper Rifle: Mantis

  • Your scoped view shows extra details about enemies not focusing on you
  • Headshot and weak level harm in opposition to enemies not focusing on you amplified by 50%
  • Headshot kills reset the cooldown of the Decoy talent. This bonus will wait till the Decoy goes on cooldown if at the moment lively

Mask: Vile

  • Status results additionally apply a harm over time debuff for 10s
  • Total harm dealt is the same as 50% of your concussion grenade harm and elevated by your standing impact attributes

Double Barrel Rifle: The Ravenous

  • On trigger-pull, hearth each barrels directly
  • When fired from the precise shoulder, hits add offensive primers, and defensive primers when fired from the left shoulder
  • Hits from one shoulder will detonate all the reverse shoulder’s primers when current
  • When detonated, every offensive primer offers 100% weapon harm, whereas every defensive primer grants +4% bonus armor and +10% amplified harm to armor plates for 5s
  • Primer effectiveness is doubled at 10 stacks

Magnum Revolver: Regulus

  • Headshot kills create a 5m explosion, dealing 400% weapon harm and making use of bleed to all enemies hit.
  • High base harm

Developer remark: The Ravenous & Regulus are unique to the upcoming Operation Iron Horse however are current on the TU10 PTS for balancing and suggestions functions


Eclipse Protocol

  • Core: Skill Tier (Yellow)
  • 2: +15% Status Effects
  • 3: +15% Skill Haste and +30% Hazard Protection
  • 4: “Indirect Transmission” Enemies that die whereas affected by your standing results unfold these standing results to a different enemy inside 15m and refresh 50% the period
  • Chest expertise: “Proliferation” Increases Indirect Transmission vary from 15m to 20m and refresh proportion from 50% to 75%
  • Backpack expertise: “Symptom Aggravator” Amplifies all harm you deal to standing affected targets by 15%

Foundry Bulwark

  • Core: Armor (Blue)
  • 2: +10% Armor
  • 3: +3% Armor Regeneration
  • 4: “Makeshift Repairs” Whenever you or your defend take harm, 40% of that quantity is repaired to each over 10s
  • Chest expertise: “Process Refinery” Increases Makeshift Repairs from 40% to 60%
  • Backpack expertise: “Improved Materials” Increases Makeshift Repairs velocity from 10s to 6s

Future Initiative

  • Core: Skill Tier (Yellow)
  • 2: +15% Repair Skills
  • 3: +15% Skill Duration and +15% Skill Haste
  • 4: “Ground Control” Increases you and your allies’ complete weapon and talent harm by 15% when at full armor
  • When you restore an ally, you and all allies inside 5m of you might be additionally repaired for 60% of that quantity
  • Chest expertise: “Tactical Superiority” Increases Ground Control harm bonus from +15% to +25%
  • Backpack expertise: “Advanced Combat Tactics” Increases Ground Control proximity restore from 60% to 120%


Walker, Harris & Co.

  • Core: Weapon Damage (Red)
  • 1: +5.0% Weapon Damage
  • 2: +5.0% Damage to Armor
  • 3: +5.0% Damage to Health


Weapon Talent: Future Perfect

  • Weapon kills grant +1 talent tier for 15s. Stacks as much as Three occasions.
  • Weapon kills at talent tier 6 grant overcharge for 15s.
  • Overcharge Cooldown: 90s

Weapon Talent: In Sync

  • Hitting an enemy grants +15% talent harm for 5s.
  • Using a talent or damaging an enemy with a talent grants +15% weapon harm for 5s.
  • Damage will increase are doubled whereas each buffs are lively on the identical time.

Backpack Talent: Adrenaline Rush

  • When you might be inside 10m of an enemy, achieve 20% bonus armor for 5s. Stacks as much as Three occasions.
  • Cooldown: 5s

Chest Talent: Headhunter

  • After killing an enemy with a headshot, your subsequent weapon hit inside 30s offers 125% of that killing blow’s harm along with it.
  • This harm is capped to 1500% of your weapon harm.

THE DIVISION 2 UPDATE 10 Gameplay Changes


  • Reduced what number of elites will spawn within the following mission:
  • Manning National Zoo
  • Coney Island Ballpark
  • Coney Island Amusement Park
  • Camp White Oak
  • Space Administration HQ
  • Federal Emergency Bunker
  • Wall Street
  • Liberty Island
  • Pathway Park
  • Stranded Tanker
  • The Tombs


  • General
    • Added all new season 2 weapons/gear to basic loot swimming pools
  • Targeted loot
    • Increased focused loot drop probabilities for all mission and Control
  • Point difficulties
    • Added new season 2 model to focused loot rotation in New York
  • Named Items
    • Increased named merchandise drop probability in common Dark Zone loot
    • Increased named merchandise drop probability in focused loot in every single place
  • Exotics
    • Added Warlords of New York/Season 1 Exotics (excluding The Bighorn) to focused loot
    • Added Warlords of New York/Season 1 Exotics (excluding The Bighorn) to basic Exotic loot swimming pools (Heroic/Legendary/Raid/Exotic Cache)
    • Coyote’s Mask drop from Coyote not has a minimal season stage requirement
  • Control Points
    • Removed common weapon/gear loot containers not scaling with issue from Control Points
    • Increased the quantity of scaling loot from the massive Control Point reward container
  • Legendary
    • Increased NPC loot drop probability for Veterans and Elites on
    • Legendary issue


  • Added Named Items to each Open World and Dark Zone distributors
  • Increased costs for Named Items
  • Increased merchandise high quality for all distributors
  • Vendors not promote Superior high quality gadgets at most stage

SHD Levels

  • Added Field Proficiency cache to SHD level-up after reaching the utmost season stage
  • Increased crafting materials rewards for spending SHD stage factors within the Scavenging class


  • Added Season/SHD expertise achieve on Conflict level-up

Rogue Agent Encounters

  • Every Rogue Agent killed will now drop loot
  • Rogue Agent encounters not happen throughout time trials

Control Point Officers

  • Players revived by a Control Point Officer will now have 80% of their armor restored (Previously 0%)
  • Reduced the probability of Control Point Officers being downed in fight


  • Bounties acquired by talking to characters within the open world will at all times be set to the issue at time of acquisition or increased.
  • This impacts the Snitch and civilians rescued throughout the Public Execution or Rescue Living World Activities.
  • Scheduled bounties, comparable to day by day and clan bounties, are unaffected.

Developer remark: Bounties acquired within the open world ought to at all times present problem and loot acceptable to the world they have been acquired in. Upping your world issue now has the additional advantage of bettering all bounties you purchase inside it.


  • New Season Pass Holder Project Slot.
    • Season Pass holders now have entry to an unique day by day mission which offers a big bonus to XP.
  • Weekly SHD Requisition Project Slot
    • Endgame gamers at World Tier 5 and Level 40 now have a weekly provides donation mission which rewards them with an unique cache.
    • (For World Tier 5 gamers, this replaces the earlier day by day SHD Requisition mission.)
  • Legendary Mission Project
    • After TU10, finishing any legendary mission will grant you the Weekly Legendary Mission mission slot.
    • Completing the designated legendary mission will reward you with an unique cache.

Developer remark: With the addition of “re-rolls” to exotics out there via crafting, we created the brand new Weekly tasks to supply a dependable provide of unique elements or unique gadgets.


Developer remark: This is a primary cross at addressing TTK (time-to-kill) in PvP by way of world/particular person weapon harm changes, and isn’t essentially consultant of ultimate values. We shall be intently monitoring PTS1 suggestions in an effort to make additional changes as wanted, with extra tuning deliberate for PTS2.

Global Modifiers

  • Increased MMR PvP weapon harm by 12%
  • Reduced world PvP weapon harm by 20%
  • Reduced Assault Rifle PvP weapon harm by 15%
  • Reduced Rifle PvP harm by 5%
  • Reduced SMG PvP harm by 10%

Skill Modifiers

  • Reduced Bleed harm from Stinger Hive, Mortar Turret and Explosive Seeker Mine by 75%

Weapon Specific

  • Increased Double Barrel Shotgun PvP harm by 20%
  • Reduced Pestilence PvP harm by 10%
  • Reduced Classic M1A harm by 5%

Developer remark: With TU10, there have been vital buffs made to the bottom harm of assault rifles, SMGs, and shotguns particularly. In order to forestall these weapons from turning into overly highly effective in PvP, we’ve needed to decrease their PvP harm modifiers to compensate.

Note: Assault rifles are nonetheless tuned to be 10% stronger than default in PvP in an effort to compensate for his or her innate Damage to Health bonus being much less helpful in opposition to different gamers when in comparison with different weapon archetypes.

Additional PvP Balance Adjustments (Coming in PTS2)

  • Negotiator’s Dilemma
  • Reduced the vary at which marked targets can harm one another when critically hit (PvP solely).
  • Added visible UI suggestions when in vary of one other marked goal.

Imperial Dynasty

  • No longer mechanically applies burn standing impact to the closest enemy in vary.
  • Now requires sustaining vary and LOS (line-of-sight) for Three seconds between the holster bearer and nearest enemy earlier than making use of the burn standing impact.
  • Added visible UI suggestions to disclose the radius of impact in PvP and an indicator for LOS between the holster bearer and nearest enemy.

Developer remark: This ought to assist handle the dearth of contextual suggestions in PvP, and add a a lot wanted window of alternative for counterplay, or potential to keep away from the incoming impact solely.


  • Plague of the Outcast damage-over-time impact not triggers
  • True Patriot’s white debuff armor restore impact. (PvP and PvE)

Developer remark: While we wish to embrace emergent or unintended mechanics when the tip result’s distinctive and enjoyable gameplay, True Patriot’s white debuff explicitly states it requires taking pictures the debuffed goal in an effort to obtain the armor restore impact. Pestilence’s DoT managed to bypass this restriction, making it and True Patriot (particularly when mixed with Incoming Repairs) scale to disproportionate ranges of energy when used collectively.

THE DIVISION 2 UPDATE 10 Weapon steadiness CHANGES

Weapon Handling Changes

  • 1% Weapon Handling now provides 1% Weapon Accuracy, Stability, Reload Speed, and Swap Speed, up from 0.25%.
  • Reduced the utmost quantity of Weapon Handling rolled on gear by 4%, to a most of 10% at stage 40.

Developer remark: In the present meta, Weapon Handling on gear is taken into account a dead stat with no vital profit. In TU10, equipping a bit of drugs with +10% Weapon Handling will now provide you with:

  • +10% Accuracy
  • +10% Stability
  • +10% Swap Speed
  • +10% Reload Speed

This ought to hopefully make Weapon Handling a robust complimentary attribute for gamers seeking to enhance their total accuracy/stability (bloom + recoil) and/or reload/swap velocity. Making the % quantity of Weapon Accuracy/Stability/Swap Speed/Reload Speed gained from Weapon Handling 1:1 may also take away one other aspect of arcane information from the sport and cut back the necessity for extra psychological math when figuring out whether or not the bonus is an improve or not.

Weapon Damage Changes

Developer remark: Sidearms and Exotics are nonetheless being adjusted and shall be up to date in PTS Phase 2.
Some harm will increase are massive and is likely to be toned down after testing.

Assault Rifles

  • AK-M – 15.8% harm enhance
  • F2000 – 14.3% harm enhance
  • Military AK-M – 13.2% harm enhance
  • Black Market AK-M – 13.2% harm enhance
  • FAL – 12.0% harm enhance
  • FAL SA-58 – 12.0% harm enhance
  • FAL SA-58 Para – 12.0% harm enhance
  • SOCOM Mk 16 – 11.4% harm enhance
  • Tactical Mk 16 – 11.4% harm enhance
  • Mk 16 – 11.4% harm enhance
  • AUG A3-CQC – 11.2% harm enhance
  • Honey Badger – 10.9% harm enhance
  • FAMAS 2010 – 10.6% harm enhance
  • ACR – 9.7% harm enhance
  • ACR-E – 9.7% harm enhance
  • Military G36 – 9.5% harm enhance
  • G36 C – 9.5% harm enhance
  • G36 Enhanced – 9.5% harm enhance
  • Carbine 7 – 7.6% harm enhance
  • Military P416 – 7.4% harm enhance
  • Custom P416 G3 – 7.4% harm enhance
  • Police M4 – 6.8% harm enhance
  • CTAR 21 – 6.2% harm enhance


  • Classic M60 – 12.5% harm enhance
  • Classic RPK-74 – 12.4% harm enhance
  • Military RPK-74 M – 12.4% harm enhance
  • Black Market RPK-74 E – 12.4% harm enhance
  • Military M60 E4 – 9.2% harm enhance
  • Black Market M60 E6 – 9.2% harm enhance
  • Military L86 LSW – 8.5% harm enhance
  • Custom L86 A2 – 8.5% harm enhance
  • IWI NEGEV – 2.6% harm enhance
  • Stoner LAMG – 2.0% harm enhance
  • M249 B – No adjustments
  • Tactical M249 Para – No adjustments
  • Military MK46 – No adjustments
  • MG5 – No adjustments
  • Infantry MG5 – 3.2% harm lower


  • Model 700 – 14.9% harm enhance
  • Hunting M44 – 13.5% harm enhance
  • Classic M44 Carbine – 12.5% harm enhance
  • G28 – 11.4% harm enhance
  • SOCOM Mk20 SSR – 9.3% harm enhance
  • SR-1 – 8.6% harm enhance
  • Custom M44 – 8.1% harm enhance
  • M700 Tactical – 8.1% harm enhance
  • M700 Carbon – 8.1% harm enhance
  • Covert SRS – 6.0% harm enhance
  • SRS A1 – 6.0% harm enhance
  • Surplus SVD – 2.9% harm lower
  • Paratrooper SVD – 2.9% harm enhance


  • UIC15 MOD – 21.6% harm enhance
  • 1886 – 21.3% harm enhance
  • LVOA-C – 12.1% harm enhance
  • M1A CQB – 10.7% harm enhance
  • Lightweight M4 – 10.5% harm enhance
  • SIG 716 CQB – 8.7% harm enhance
  • SIG 716 – 6.7% harm enhance
  • ACR SS – 3.7% harm enhance
  • SOCOM M1A – No adjustments
  • M16A2 – No adjustments
  • USC .45 ACP – 2.8% harm lower
  • Urban MDR – 5.5% harm lower
  • Military Mk17 – 11.8% harm lower
  • Police Mk17 – 11.8% harm lower
  • Classic M1A – 12.6% harm lower


  • Tommy Gun – 38.8% harm enhance
  • PP-19 – 29.6% harm enhance
  • Enhanced PP-19 – 29.6% harm enhance
  • MP7 – 27.5% harm enhance
  • MPX – 20.8% harm enhance
  • M1928 – 20.0% harm enhance
  • P90 – 15.6% harm enhance
  • Converted SMG-9 – 15.8% harm enhance
  • Black Market T821 – 15.4% harm enhance
  • Police T821 – 15.4% harm enhance
  • Vector SBR .45 ACP – 14.7% harm enhance
  • CMMG Banshee – 12.5% harm enhance
  • Police UMP-45 – 12.0% harm enhance
  • Tactical UMP-45 – 12.0% harm enhance
  • AUG A3 Para XS – 11.8% harm enhance
  • Enhanced AUG A3P – 11.8 % harm enhance
  • Tactical AUG A3P – 11.8% harm enhance
  • Converted SMG-9 A2 – 11.6% harm enhance
  • MP5A2 – 10.0% harm enhance
  • MP5-N – 10.0% harm enhance
  • MP5 ST – 10.0% harm enhance
  • Tactical Vector SBR 9mm – 5.9% harm enhance


  • M870 Express – 23.3% harm enhance
  • Military M870 – 23.3% harm enhance
  • Custom M870 MCS – 23.3% harm enhance
  • Super 90 – 23.2% harm enhance
  • Marine Super 90 – 23.2% harm enhance
  • Tactical Super 90 SBS – 23.2% harm enhance
  • SASG-12 – 21.3% harm enhance
  • Tactical SASG-12 Okay – 21.3% harm enhance
  • Black Market SASG-12 S – 21.3% harm enhance
  • SPAS-12 – 18.6% harm enhance
  • KSG Shotgun – 9.0% harm enhance


Ongoing Directive

  • Main Talent
    • Hollow-Point Ammo is not dropped on kill, and as an alternative mechanically added to your lively weapon when killing standing bothered enemies
    • Backpack Talent (New)
  • “Trauma Specialist”
    • Increases the period of your bleed standing results by 50% and all bleed harm completed by 100%
    • Increased 3-piece Reload Speed bonus from +20% to +30%

Tip of the Spear

  • Main Talent (PVE)
    • Aggressive Recon’s weapon harm buff is now gained when dealing specialization weapon harm, as an alternative of on specialization weapon kill
  • Main Talent (PVP)
    • Aggressive Recon’s weapon harm buff is now gained when dealing grenade harm, as an alternative of on grenade kill
  • Backpack Talent (New)
    • “Signature Move”
    • Increases specialization weapon harm by 20%, and doubles the quantity of specialization ammo generated by Aggressive Recon

Aces and Eights

  • Main Talent
    • “Poker Face” backpack expertise is now a baseline impact:
    • Flip a further card on headshots
  • Backpack Talent (New)
    • “Ace within the Sleeve”
    • Amplifies 1 further shot when revealing your hand

System Corruption

  • Main Talent
    • Now repairs 20% of your armor along with granting 50% bonus armor
    • Increases complete weapon harm by 1% per 5% bonus armor gained, as much as 20%

Striker’s Battlegear

  • Main Talent
    • Reduced the variety of stacks misplaced on missed pictures from Three to 2
    • Backpack Talent
    • No longer reduces variety of stacks misplaced on missed pictures
    • (New) Increases complete weapon harm gained per stack of Striker’s Gamble from 0.5% to 0.65%.

Brand Set Changes

Overlord Armaments

  • Increased 2-piece Accuracy bonus from +10% to +20%

Douglas & Harding

  • Increased 2-piece Stability bonus from +10% to +20%
  • Increased 3-piece Accuracy bonus from +10% to +20%

Fenris Group AB

  • Increased 2-piece Reload Speed bonus from +10% to +20%
  • Increased 3-piece Stability bonus from +10% to +20%

Developer remark: This along with the change to Ongoing Directive was completed to make Accuracy/Stability/Reload Speed have a extra noticeable profit on model/gear set bonuses alongside the enhancements to Weapon Handling.

Talent Changes

  • Leadership: Bonus Armor elevated to 15% from 12%
  • Spike: Skill Damage Duration elevated to 15s from 8s
  • Reformation: Skill Repair Duration elevated to 15s from 8s
  • Creeping Death: No longer goes on cooldown if there are not any legitimate close by enemies to use a standing impact to. Status results utilized now correctly copy the supply standing impact’s harm and period.

Skill Changes

  • When Shock Trap’s lively period ends, its cooldown is refunded an equal variety of seconds that it was lively.
  • Stinger Hive, Mortar Turret, and Explosive Seeker Mine now show its Bleed Damage and Duration



  • Fixed the Gunslinger expertise icon. No longer makes use of the Gunslinger emote icon
  • Fixed Empathic Resolve expertise to not buff’s a talent’s proprietor when a talent proxy is healed
  • Fixed Trauma expertise to appropriately scale with the Status Effects attributes
  • Fixed Unstoppable Force expertise to not set off when your individual expertise die
  • Fixed FPS drops associated to having Rogue Agents in your proximity
  • Fixed FPS drops in Invaded Dark Zone throughout extraction
  • Fixed FPS drops in Invaded Dark Zone when new group member joins the session
  • Fixed varied FPS drops encountered in major missions.
  • Fixed crashes skilled by AMD Ryzen 1000 collection CPU’s customers
  • Fixed Striker’s Battlegear gear set gaining stacks from taking pictures group members, dead our bodies and pleasant NPC’s
  • Fixed a location in Tidal Basin stronghold the place gamers may get caught
  • Fixed a location in Roosevelt Island stronghold the place gamers may get caught
  • Fixed an unreachable ammo field within the Roosevelt Island mission
  • Fixed a bug inflicting gamers to be unable to desert the Liberty Island mission beneath sure circumstances
  • Fixed not with the ability to see chat when in a downed or dead state
  • Fixed a location in DARPA Research Lab that may not drop loot close to the participant from enemies in an unreachable space
  • Fixed a bug permitting gamers to bypass the Liberty Island boss battle
  • Fixed a number of occurrences of the respawn button being out there regardless of group wipe when preventing Rogue encounters
  • Fixed management level UI incorrectly displaying regular issue no matter world issue
  • Fixed not with the ability to select issue on sub Level 40 characters, if a Level 40 character have Heroic world issue lively on the account
  • Fixed the Hard Wired expertise resetting the Chem Launcher cooldown when firing the Chem Launcher
  • Fixed climate results and grass generally current in sewers
  • Fixed a problem inflicting the True Sons tank firing animation to desync
  • Fixed Cleaner engineer weakpoint being targetable by the Firefly regardless of being destroyed
  • Fixed gamers with the ability to see enemy well being bars whereas blinded.
  • Fixed lacking blueprint identify within the reward unlocked UI immediate.
  • Fixed a problem inflicting the Airburst Seeker Mine to not explode beneath sure circumstances
  • Fixed varied occurrences of NPC’s getting caught
  • Fixed a location on the Wharf Conflict map that may render gamers invulnerable
  • Fixed Tidal Basin stronghold not being on the leaderboards
  • Fixed a placeholder icon current when the Shock Trap is affected by a debuff
  • Fixed Negotiators Dilemma marks incorrectly staying lively on gamers after respawning
  • Fixed inconsistencies within the weekly invaded mission rotation
  • Fixed gamers with the ability to detonate Sticky Bombs when affected by the disruption impact
  • Fixed pleasant management factors generally exhibiting manhunt symbols when in one other gamers group
  • Fixed SIG 556 not granting supplies when deconstructed
  • Fixed a T-pose brought on by interacting with the in-game retailer when having the minigun outfitted.
  • Fixed the leaderboard incorrectly exhibiting info from the beforehand considered mission
  • Fixed some UI parts being partially off display when within the Seasons menu
  • Fixed the Plague of the Outcasts debuff incorrectly spreading to mechanical NPC’s.
  • Fixed Reanimated Global Event kills from group members not counting as development
  • Fixed Reanimated kills not counting if the reanimated NPC doesn’t shoot after being reanimated
  • Fixed “Improved Sticky Payload” not growing stats for a number of Sticky Bomb variations
  • Fixed a number of ladders not being climbable within the open world
  • Fixed a Grand Washington Hotel development blocker brought on by enemies getting caught in spawn closets
  • Fixed Polarity Switch Global Event progress counting in missions with no Global Event modifier lively
  • Fixed stock UI exhibiting an incorrect variety of mods saved
  • Fixed “Decoy Housing Shell” not growing well being worth of the Decoy
  • Fixed “Trap Charge Improvement” not growing period of Repair and Shrapnel Traps
  • Fixed Polarity Switch Global occasion modifier not updating if activated after beginning a mission
  • Fixed a problem permitting instantaneous reload of weapons by swapping over to an empty weapon and again
  • Fixed the Space Administration HQ mission being completable with out defeating all enemies.
  • Fixed incorrect Skill stats proven when having a talent at the least at Skill Tier 1 and which isn’t outfitted
  • Fixed description inconsistencies between the Pulse talent and its talent mods
  • Fixed description inconsistencies between the Hive talent and its talent mods
  • Fixed gamers incorrectly taking armor harm when reviving a teammate with the Shield outfitted
  • Fixed a number of talent mods not growing the radius of Airburst and Mender Seeker Mine
  • Fixed a number of talent mods growing the cost velocity of the Jammer Pulse
    Fixed the loading display not updating the progress bar when accepting a bunch invite on PS4
  • Fixed Drone talent pathfinding inflicting it to get caught beneath sure circumstances
  • Fixed the Plague of the Outcasts debuff often not leaping over to a different goal
  • Fixed an incorrectly setup spawn closet close to the Ivy Tunnel Control Point, inflicting NPC’s to get caught
  • Fixed Striker’s Battlegear not counting shotgun pellets individually for stack achieve
  • Fixed Public Executions spawning too many NPC’s on Challenging issue and above
  • Fixed varied areas the place gamers may get caught within the open world
  • Fixed a location the place the participant may fall via the map within the open world

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