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The Migration is a lovely little apocalypse

The Migration is a lovely little apocalypse

Since I’ve ended up incoherently semi-shouting this at a number of folks just lately (sorry, Nat), I’ll save myself the time and write it down: Connor Sherlock’s The Migration feels to me like witnessing an apocalyptic occasion, and it’s nice. There you might be, wandering across the floor of some desolate world, solely bleached bones and warbling synth for firm, when the top comes. Or a starting. Or… a change, positively. And then the music actually kicks in and oh god, that is horrible, that is lovely, I’m so glad I’m right here for it.

I believe The Migration all the time ends after seven minutes and it’s pay-what-you-want on Itch.io, with no minimal worth, so you could as nicely hop to proper now. Come on then.

Several of Sherlock’s strolling simulators have the sensation of being powerless within the presence of one thing terrible. There you might be, alone on the floor of a comet, discovering alien ruins. There are you, surrounded by large concrete spikes, realising the panorama you’re strolling via is meant to be a warning. There you might be, alone within the woods, stumbling throughout inconceivable obelisks. There you might be, within the countryside, beneath a large UFO.

His video games of this type ship us into giant areas the place even the size may be alarming, normally accompanied solely by unbelievable retro-sounding sci-fi horror synth soundtracks, to really feel thrilled by exploration and wholly helpless within the face of what we discover. The universe is huge and I’m insignificant. I like it. There’s an Ozymandian sense of loss, besides typically it’s all so alien I don’t fairly know if I’m some fella’s legs or, like, a pleasant rock.

The Migration is 2 years previous however springs thoughts currently as a result of it’s brief and easy but the principle picture is putting. It’s been caught deep sufficient in my head currently that in my sleep I see these pillars raining from the sky beneath a blue solar. And when the drums kick in, my coronary heart begins pounding HELL YES IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD LET’S GO.

Also, I believe it’s doable to overlook the principle occasion? Nice.

If you dig it, I strongly advocate his three Walking Simulator A Month Club collections. Some of these are extra mundane, or extra city, or extra hopeful, or extra joyful, or smaller, or they ship you jetpacking, or they allow you to transfer with horrible pace, or… a lot of various things. They’re on Itch.io now and headed to Steam later this yr. Some different good stuff from people within the Ambient Mixtape which spawned The Migration too.

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