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Naughty Dog Using New Twitter Feature to Block Last of Us 2 Spoilers

Earlier this week, Twitter started rolling out a brand new function that allowed customers to restrict who can reply to their tweets. The firm mentioned that it needs to present customers extra management over their tweets to make room for significant conversations that aren’t tormented by “unwanted replies.” In different phrases, your conversations will not be infested by offended trolls.

The function couldn’t have come at a greater time for Naughty Dog. Ever since clips from The Last of Us Part II leaked on-line, a lot of of us upset about what they noticed resorted to plastering spoilers wherever they might, and it acquired to a degree the place builders needed to warn folks to not learn replies to their very own tweets. Thanks to Twitter’s new function, Naughty Dog not wants to try this because the studio is now blocking replies from of us that aren’t tagged in its tweets.

One week nearer to #TheLastOfUsPartII . We can’t wait so that you can expertise it in lower than a month on June 19. Until then, we hope you get pleasure from your weekend, get rested (or pull an all-nighter enjoying video games), and take care.

Endure and thrive, pals!

— Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) May 23, 2020

In case you’re nonetheless questioning, that’s why PlayStation LifeStyle’s Last of Us II articles have their feedback disabled, and we’ve made the choice to maintain it that approach till launch. While we’d like to converse with our readers and are wanting ahead to the sport no matter what we’ve seen within the leaked footage, we discovered a lot of customers spoiling the sport for others and that isn’t one thing we wish to encourage right here.

As anticipated, Naughty Dog’s choice to lock down its tweets was met with lots of criticism from sad Twitter customers who will now have to search out one thing else to do.

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