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Huge Bestiary Update for Dead Cells goes live today

Huge Bestiary Update for Dead Cells goes live today

Highly acclaimed indie recreation, Dead Cells, has obtained a fairly massive replace immediately for Nintendo Switch. The ‘Bestiary Update’ brings an entire host of tweaks and fixes to enhance the participant expertise but additionally with it comes new enemies, model new gadgets, adjustments to stage designs and extra. It’s price noting that this replace is totally free – one thing the developer has performed earlier than with earlier updates. We’ve included the entire checklist of adjustments under which had been uploaded to their official web site. It additionally appears to be like just like the editor for the publish had some enjoyable importing the patch notes as they’ve prodded enjoyable at themselves with a little bit further commentary in locations. Anyway, replace the sport now to benefit from the adjustments!

  • New affixes!

    We added 11 new affixes on lively expertise, aimed primarily at rising the pool of affixes out there for some gadgets that didn’t have sufficient. Yes Corrupted Power, I’m taking a look at you.

    Eight new regular affixes:
    – Ice, hearth, bleed or poison on close by flooring or enemies when the impact of the used lively ends
    – A grenade, a volley of arrows, or hearth spreads when a deployable entice is destroyed
    – Get all of your arrows again when utilizing a talent

    Three new starred affixes:
    – Oil and hearth unfold round when a deployable entice is destroyed
    – Push enemies round you when the impact of the used lively ends
    – Extended period for powers like Wings of the Crow or Smokebomb

  • 6 New Mobs!

    Six model information enemies. Three are biome particular, Three are dispatched by varied ranges at differents Boss Cells. At the time being, and till the stay launch, we want letting you unveil their precise areas and kinds.

    The ‘widespread’ enemy pool was getting a bit too small contemplating the addition of recent ranges, and the BC enemies had been at all times too few and therefore too repetitive for our tastes.

  • 2 New gadgets

    – Crowbar (a part of the 17.3 ‘Half-Life’ pack patch). Fast brutality weapons that crits after breaking a door or a breakable prop.
    – Portable Door: Allow you to carry a door with you – protecting your again when you handle the mobs in entrance of you and permitting for a sublime stun impact whenever you determine to show round.

  • Half-life weight-reduction plan
    Completing the Freeman’ position play pack with medpacks for a real immersion.
  • The Bad Seed New lore rooms and secrets and techniques for the Arboretum and the Morass.
    Good searching!
  • The Bad Seed Balanced bestiary:
    We took the chance of including new mobs to re-balance the bestiary of the degrees in questions. While there isn’t any new mobs within the ‘Bad Seed’ ranges, we’ve tweaked the numbers to make these biomes fairer. Let us know what you assume!
  • Ten (10) new achievements!
    – Eight of them are associated to The Bad Seed DLC. Classic achievements like “Reach the Arboretum” or extra … secret ones.
    – The different two are accessible by everybody. Version 1.8.3
  • Community suggestion A brand new suggestions has been applied for some weapons for weapon which have important hits for a set period.
    – Balanced Blade
    – Crowbar
    – Flashing Fans (from The Bad Seed DLC)
    – Frantic Sword
    – Oiled Sword
    – Rapier
    – Spite Sword
    – Swift Sword
    – Symmetrical Lance
    – Tentacle Whip Version 1.8.3
  • Three new outfits have been added to the sport.
    Two are linked to the secrets and techniques and lore of The Bad Seed DLC. One is on the market for everybody that may rise as much as the last word problem. Version 1.8.3


  • The Bad Seed Blueprint drop probabilities of the brand new gadgets lowered.
  • Cavern mobs’ well being and injury lowered in all difficulties to make up for the hell-ish bestiary down there,
  • The Bad Seed Mushroom Boi now break your invisibility on assault.
  • The Bad Seed Improved Tick Scythes hitboxes to raised hit downward.
  • The Bad Seed Ticks now bump barely on assaults.
  • The Bad Seed Ticks now drop 5 cells and a few gold upon demise.
  • The Bad Seed Improved Jerkshroom throwing curve to forestall direct hits from under.
  • The Bad Seed Thrown Jerkshrooms not damage you when colliding within the air. Who the hell thought it was a good suggestion?! … Oh.
  • Knives Thowers now at all times dodge or sprint as soon as earlier than beginning to assault you.
  • Added a safety to participant when leaping down from a method platforms to keep away from taking hits when a mob on the platform is attacking.
  • Frozen enemies at the moment are interrupted of their assaults. No extra shock hits after defrosting your Failed Experiment!
  • Community suggestion Removed Death Orb injury cap.
  • Community suggestion Marksman Bow can now have injury bonus affixes.
  • Community suggestion Ice Armor now provides injury discount as a substitute of bonus damages on greater ranges.
  • Community suggestion Ice Armor and Ice Shield can not have affixes which break the ice immediatly. If you need to break the ice, you’ll have to make use of some intelligent jokes as a substitute.
  • Enemy grenades repelled by Ice Shield freeze enemies on explosion.
  • Shield Bearers can now injury deployables.
  • Community suggestion Improved reactivity of the crouching hitbox. Version 1.8.2
  • Community suggestion Reduced peak of Dark Tracker hitbox to raised match the animation. Version 1.8.2
  • The Bad Seed Community suggestion The Mushroom Boi! not assaults when you’re invisible. Version 1.8.3
  • Community suggestion Force Shield ammo decay is now means slower earlier than absorbing one hit. Version 1.8.3
  • Community suggestion Small quantity of damages will not break the ice (excepted Fire damages). Version 1.8.4

Level design

  • The Bad Seed Slightly improved the Prison exit to Arboretum.
  • The Bad Seed The Nest is now a proper to left stage to remain coherent with the Morass.
  • The Bad Seed Neighbourgh rooms in Arboretum at the moment are inter-connected. No extra maze-like construction.
  • The Bad Seed Reversed ArboretumMorass and Nest transition to remain coherent with the degrees. Version 1.8.1
  • Community suggestion Prevented the Arboretum entrance from showing too near the start of the sport. Version 1.8.2
  • Community suggestion Added a teleport on the very starting of Cemetery so mobs don’t spawn too near the doorway. Version 1.8.2

Graphics & UI

  • The Bad Seed Added FX for Carnivorous Plant chunk.
  • The Bad Seed Added a (very small) cinematic when coming into Mama Tick enviornment.
  • Dead Cells window is now titled … Dead CellsVersion 1.8.2

Quality of life

  • The Bad Seed Community suggestion Improved Carnivorous Plant interactions. Notably with stomps and Telluric Shock.
  • The Bad Seed Added a warning earlier than Carnivorous Plant chunk.
  • The Bad Seed Added a greater suggestions for Rythm’n Bouzouki timing.
  • The Bad Seed Changed Rythm’n Bouzouki description to make clear that you could chain the final hit indefinitly given the right timing.
  • Some teleporters within the Morass and Clock Tower will activate from additional away to keep away from ineffective backtracking.
  • Community suggestion Elite Shrines at the moment are coloured diferently on the map.
  • Community suggestion Added a transparent clarification of what went incorrect when the loading of a mod failed.
  • Community suggestion Clarified what went incorrect within the error report when making an attempt to create a mod which can influence the DLC safety.
  • You can not seize ledges straight resulting in spikes.
  • Enigma doorways (Courtyard’s tower of roses, and so on.) at the moment are at all times open when the enigma has been solved as soon as.
  • Secret blueprints are not changed by gems once they have been discovered as soon as. The gold quantity for the entire stage stays unchanged. The aim is to keep away from forcing you to exit of your option to search these gems.

Music & Sfx

  • Community suggestion Interrupt the cost assault sound when the enemy is killed or interrupted. Version 1.8.3

Bug fixes

  • The Bad Seed Fixed Carnivorous Plants closing whereas a cinematic is ongoing.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed Yeeters hitbox.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed some bugs with Mushroom Boi operating in place.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed Rythm’n Bouzouki timing detection for the third hit. Oups?
  • The Bad Seed Fix uncommon digital camera issues and minimap show within the Morass.
  • (Twitch) Fixed Dual-scrolls remodeling into Triple Scrolls when no person voted.
  • Fixed Magic Missiles and Pyrotechnics at all times capturing twice even when tapping the button.
  • Fixed a sure secret boss hitbox on thrust assault. No extra crouching underneath, beware!
  • Fixed some projectiles not colliding accurately with doorways.
  • Fixed Ice Armor not defending from spikes.
  • Fixed some crashes.
  • Fixed merchandise description not showing when you’re accompagnied by a pleasant mob. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Earthquaker hitting by partitions. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Comboter hitting by partitions. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Conjonctivius drops generally not spawning. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Conjonctivius platforms disappearing on reload. Version 1.8.2
  • Improved some crash error messages. So it crashes simply as usually, however now we all know why. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed a typo within the french description of the Warrior ShieldAn english patchnote entry for a french typo … cool. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Lightning Whip hitting hidden blocks by partitions. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed Tentacles hitting behind them whereas sweeping (the Hook needs to be safer to make use of on them now). Version 1.8.2
  • The Bad Seed Fixed a seed error in ArboretumAh! Bad seed … ehehe. Version 1.8.2
  • The Bad Seed Fixed a crash on hero demise whereas the Mushroom Boi! was lively. Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed lacking collisions in some Clock Tower rooms. Version 1.8.3

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