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Cyberpunk 2077’s open world might not be as big as first thought

It appears Cyberpunk 2077‘s open world may be just a little smaller – or not less than structured in a different way – than what we first thought. In an interview with PCGamesN, CD Projekt Red degree designer Max Pears has referred to “smaller contained areas”, fairly than what was understood to be a wider open world.

When requested about how completely different taking part in types materialise in Cyberpunk’s world, Pears replied: “There’s a variety of element within the open world. I’m genuinely amazed by it and what we’ve executed with it. Even although our open world may be like smaller contained areas, the quantity of choices hasn’t been uncared for in any respect.

“The amount of stuff you can still do out there is impressive in its own right, and that’s another thing we’re really excited to see, is watching people discover how diverse the open world is and not feeling like they have to approach it in any one way. You can still take a car and go run people over, head out guns blazing, or hack objects to distract people. It’s really impressive how much detail there is out there.”

It’s not fully clear what Pears means by “smaller contained areas”, but it surely’s attainable he’s referring to a few of the small however dense areas dotted round Night City, reminiscent of these seen within the gameplay beneath.

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CD Projekt Red had beforehand informed GamesRadar that Cyberpunk’s world “might even be a little bit smaller than The Witcher 3, but it’s the density of the content, taking the world of The Witcher and squeezing it right in, deleting the wilderness between”.

For extra on the lately delayed Cyberpunk 2077, try our characteristic on how its gameplay stacks up after 4 hours.

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